One Piece Manga Chapter 10

One Piece Manga Chapter 10

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Nami’s plan goes awry when Buggy appears behind her and tells her to kill Luffy. He hesitates and the Buggy Cannon accidentally lights up. He stops the cannon before it fires and Zoro comes and chops Buggy into little pieces.
Buggy celebrates the return of his Grand Line map and Nami joins his crew. During the celebrations, Nami begins to plan her next move; she gets all the pirates drunk to make it easier for them since she has a bigger drinking capacity than them. Luffy, seeing the other pirates celebrating, wants to join in on the fun as well, and Nami comes to tease him about his current situation. However, she eventually feeds Luffy and tells him that his prison fate will end once her plan works.
Buggy suddenly appears behind her to declare that Luffy should die. As a demonstration, he flattens a street of buildings with his cannon and Buggy Ball. Buggy reveals that he plans to use his Devil Fruit powers along with his cannons to conquer the Great Line. Buggy then orders Nami to fire a cannon at Luffy to prove her loyalty to him. Nami hesitates to fire the cannon as she didn’t plan on killing anyone, and even tries to turn Buggy’s attention back to the party without success. Luffy points out that Nami is shaking and missing the oath a pirate must take. Nami wonders if it’s such a big oath to kill people like insects, to which Luffy replies that it’s the ability to risk one’s own life.
When Nami doesn’t light the fuse on the cannon, one of Buggy’s crew steps in to light it anyway, and Nami blasts it with her staff. She claims that no matter what she does, she doesn’t want to become a cruel pirate because the pirates killed the most important person in her life.
While Nami is talking to Buggy, Luffy suddenly notices that the fuse is lit. He desperately tries to eat the cage to get out. When the fuse blows, Nami finds herself under attack by the Buggy pirates. Nami tries to throw her staff at the pirates who easily dodge her attack while Luffy continues to try to get out of the cage. Nami stops resisting Buggy’s crew and blows out the fuse with her bare hands. Zoro suddenly appears and saves Nami after finally finding Luffy.
Buggy approaches Zoro and asks him if he came for Buggy’s head. Zoro explains that he is no longer a pirate hunter, but Buggy reveals his interest in defeating Zoro to become more famous. Buggy attacks Zoro, who accepts the challenge and cuts Buggy to pieces, to the shock of Luffy and Nami. The Buggy crew just laughs.

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