One Piece Manga Chapter 100

One Piece Manga Chapter 100

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Smoker is able to catch Buggy, Alvida, and the others in seconds using a net made from Seastone for Devil Fruit users. When he finally manages to catch Luffy and is ready to finish him off, Smoker is stopped by a mysterious man named Dragon and a huge storm suddenly breaks out. The storm helps Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji escape to the ship and head to the Grand Line, where they vow to make their dreams come true.
A mysterious figure roams the streets of Loguetown as a storm pours down. Next to the character, there is talk that change cannot be stopped. The man says “Pirate King?” and then adds “that’s not a bad idea”.
Buggy gets up after being struck by lightning, angry that Luffy got away. When Cabaji asks why he is still alive, Buggy says that he refuses to die here. Alvida points to a growing maritime problem. Bragging about how Luffy’s ship should be burned by now, Buggy uses his car mode and heads to the harbor, closely followed by Alvida, who takes off her sandals and slides down the ramp to follow. However, they are caught by Smoker. The Marines succeeded in capturing the Buggy Pirates and Alvid. Smoker then chases after Luffy while Alvida comments on how her Devil Fruit powers don’t work on the net. Buggy states that it is made of Seastone and was developed by the Marines to capture Devil Fruit users.
At the port, Richie and Mohji are in trouble, the rain prevents them from setting the Going Merry on fire. Mohji is startled when Usopp arrives, causing him to slip and bolt while Richie is distracted by an egg released by the boy’s slingshot while the gunner and Nami arrive back at the Going Merry.
Elsewhere, Zoro, Sanji and Luffy run towards the ship followed by the marines. Tashigi is up front calling Zoro out and saying he lied to her. He says he will take Zoro’s Meito and Wado Ichimonji from him. As the pair break up to fight, Sanji yells at Zoro for attacking a woman, but Luffy grabs Sanji and continues towards the port, leaving Zoro behind. Tashigi is easily defeated, knocked against a wall with Zoro’s sword at her neck, Zoro claims that he will never lose his sword. As Zoro begins to run after Luffy and Sanji, Tashigi is outraged that she was not killed and demands that he tell her why he refuses to kill her, believing it to be because she is a woman. Zoro yells at her and tells her to stop imitating his dead friend and the two get into a childish argument.
Smoker catches up with Luffy and Sanji and blocks the way to the port. Smoker grabs Luffy, causing Sanji to spring into action, but it has no effect on Smoker due to his Devil Fruit, Moku Moku no Mi. Smoker uses White Blow and knocks Sanji into the building, Luffy tries to defend with one blow but ends up failing due to Smoker’s ability. When Smoker lands the final blow, losing very easily, a mysterious man named Dragon appears. Apparently the World Government is looking for him. Stating that the world is “waiting for our answer” will set off a gust of wind.
Everyone is kidnapped from where they were, including Luffy with Zoro and Sanji. As the crew flees, Smoker demands to know why, Dragon claims he sees no reason to stop a man’s destiny. At the port, Nami and Usopp urge the others to quickly hurry aboard the Going Merry. Smoker states that he will go after Luffy, Tashigi states that he will pursue Zoro. At sea, Buggy tells his crew to chase after Luffy and that it’s time for him to return to the Grand Line.
Finally, far from Loguetown and safely at sea, the Straw Hats spot a beacon signaling the way to the Grand Line. They declare their promises and dreams and prepare for the next step on their journey.

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