One Piece Manga Chapter 1003

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After successfully hitting Kaidou with more attacks, Luffy’s Gear 4 expires, forcing Zoro to take care of him while Kaidou and Big Mom unleash their own attacks. Zoro attacks Kaidou and manages to successfully slash him, causing Kaidou to realize that Zoro is using Oden’s sword. Meanwhile, CP0 is in a room in the Skull Dome after being invited to the Fire Festival banquet; they keep track of the numbers on both sides and how many have fallen. Back on the roof, Kaidou enters his human form and tells Big Mom that this battle is fun.
Luffy finishes pounding Kaidou with the Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling, knocking him to the ground as Big Mom watches in horror. Once done, Luffy deflates and returns to normal, landing on the ground as the others look on. Kid asks when Kaido managed to hit him, but Law explains to Kid that what he’s seeing is a side effect of Luffy’s Gear 4 form, and now he won’t be able to use his Haki for ten minutes. Kid recognizes the cost of this power, but if it caused any damage to Kaidou, it didn’t matter.
Big Mom laughs if that was the extent of Luffy’s power and uses Haha no Hi to attack him. However, Zoro is able to catch him and save him from the attack as Big Mom demands that he hand him over. Kid tells Killer to keep up the pressure on Kaido as Law gets close to Big Mom and uses Counter Shock to damage her. Kaidou gets up to see Kid and Killer rushing after him and releases Tatsumaki to throw them all away. Zoro remarks that Kaidou is practically a natural disaster when he loses control of Luffy, who flies into the air and is chewed up by Kaidou. Angered, Zoro demands that Kaidou release his captain as he unleashes his Kokujo: O Tatsumaki on Kaidou, forcing him to release Luffy and damage himself in the process, surprising Killer that he actually broke through Kaidou’s scales. Kaidou, once again feeling the strange Haki he felt before, finally deduced that Zoro was using Oden’s sword because the pain was similar. Kaidou decides to accept Zoro’s twister challenge and unleashes a stronger variation of Tatsumaki called Tatsumaki Kaifu, which everyone tries to avoid.
Inside the castle, CP0 is revealed to be attending as well, although they were disappointed by the sudden death of their business partner Orochi and the feast turning into a battlefield. They figured it was the result of a grudge the samurai had held against Kaido for twenty years. But with Doflamingo gone, a clash between the Worst Generation and the Four Emperors was inevitable. So it was no surprise that the samurai sided with the pirate. The CP0 say that if two of the four emperors fall, there’s no telling what will happen to the world, though they feel it’s not important. One of their entertainers informs them that of the 5,400 samurai, 400 fell, while 3,000 of the 30,000 Beast Pirates fell. As CP0 keeps track with a go board, they admit that the samurai’s sneak attack worked, as any other method would have failed. However, simply killing Kaida will not be enough; they must defeat all of Kaidou’s officers to actually win this battle. CP0 says the pirates should try to wipe out as much of the other side as they can.
Up on the roof, Kaidou transforms into his hybrid form as he tells Big Mom that this battle is getting to be fun, to which she agrees.

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