One Piece Manga Chapter 1005

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Black Maria slams Sanji until he sends out a call for help to Nico Robin, but then breaks her agreement to let him go. However, Robin then arrives and hits Black Maria with a powerful blow, and Brook joins her, freeing Sanji from the webs that ensnare him.
Meanwhile, after being spotted by a member of the Beasts Pirates scouts known as “Marys”, Yamato and Shinobu are forced to fight an attacking pirate faction while Momonosuke hides in Yamato’s clothes. On the third floor, Jack announces that he will attack the Nine Red Sheaths instead of Black Mary while Tobiroppo holds Robin and Brook.
In the Great Banquet Hall, Black Maria tells Sanji that he must go kill the Nine Red Sheaths and asks Caimanlady if she is ready to broadcast his voice across the island, which she confirms. Black Maria asks Sanji to call Robin and reveals that she has placed several layers of her sticky thread at the entrance and on the floor so that when Robin comes to the floor he will be stuck and they shoot tranquilizer darts. He then puts on his brass knuckles and punches Sanji, telling him again to call Robin.
She continues to pound Sanji while her subordinates look on in awe, believing that he would rather die than sell his friend, with one of them saying that she would have fallen for him if they weren’t on opposite sides. Sanji manages to take a break from beating Black Mario and has one thing to say. Her subordinates assume that he plans to tell her to “eat crap” and fear that she will get even more upset, but to their surprise, she yells at Nico Robin to come help him, revealing his location and that if he doesn’t come, he may die. His message is heard throughout the castle and some of them think his cry for help is pathetic. Jinbe deduces that the Beast Pirates are after Robin because of her knowledge, and Sasaki mocks Sanji for his whining as he also deduces that Robin is up for capture. Marco admits that straw hats are fun, and Nami isn’t surprised that Sanji called for help if his opponent is a woman. Usopp points to the paper cat with the eye and wonders what they are for.
Black Maria is still surprised that Sanji gave up and demands that she leave him as she said. Black Maria learns that someone is coming and tells Sanji that she won’t let him go, calling her “love” personal to him. She then points to a bunch of other men tied up in her webs and says they can’t live without her, which they all say. However, Sanji shouts that he wants to love all the ladies in the world, causing Black Maria to angrily tell him that she won’t accept him cheating on her, so she will punish him some more. Sanji yells that he doesn’t want her fist to get hurt so his Busoshoku Haki will be soft. Suddenly, Black Maria gets slapped by Gigantesco Mano: Spank and knocks her to the floor. Black Maria questions how Robin could get in through her webs and explains that she can bloom anywhere. He also questions if Black Maria really thought that luring her to her place would mean she would be easy to catch. She then says that she spent a lot of time working for evil organizations, so when someone she cares about gets hurt, it brings out the demon in her. Brook also arrives and frees Sanji with his powers, destroying all of her other webs. He then notices all of Black Maria’s subordinates and calls them monsters, to which they retort that he can’t say that. Sanji tells the two that he’s going to Kin’emon’s place because he can’t see himself winning the fight with Black Maria, a statement he agrees with. Black Maria refuses to let Sanji go, but Robin asks if those are her last words. She then thanks Sanji for relying on her help, causing him to get heart-shaped eyes on the complement while also tripping on the frozen floor.
In the sealed warehouse, Momonosuke says he heard Sanji’s voice from a paper mouse with an eye. Yamato reveals to him and Shinobu that the mouse’s name is Mary, which are cyborgs. They roam the island aimlessly, but share their sight with the human Marys. However, this means they know their location and are currently out of the room. Shinobu asks where they can move Momonosuke to a place where he won’t be seen, while Yamato tells Momonosuke to jump into his clothes. The Beasts Pirates try to barricade the door, but Yamato bursts through and tells Shinobu that they have to take everyone out or he’ll see them, and Shinobu retorts that it doesn’t work that way.
On the third floor, Jack, partially recovered from his injuries, tells Black Maria that he will deal with the Nine Red Scabbards himself, saying that even though they are damaged, they are still strong enough to defeat Tobiropp, so he cannot get involved. Black Maria tells Jack that she feels insulted but accepts his decision as it allows her to take care of Robin. She removes her kimono to reveal a tattoo on her back that reads “woman’s trouble” while wielding a large weapon with a Wanyūdō on the end. She tells Robin that she will belong to Kaidou at the end of the battle, but Robin tells her that she would rather die.

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