One Piece Manga Chapter 1013

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Ulti manages to resist Nami’s attacks and capture her, but before Nami can be crushed, Big Mom combines Prometheus, Napoleon, and Hera to fire a powerful laser that renders Ulti unconscious. Zeus then approaches Big Mom, but she tells him that his services are no longer needed and tells Hera to absorb his soul and grow stronger. Big Mom then attacks Nami, Usopp, and Tama as they flee from her, but Kid arrives and holds her back, telling the Straw Hats to leave the Emperor to him.
Meanwhile, Kaido defeated Luffy again and knocked the unconscious Onigashima pirate towards the sea, but the Emperor was left regretting that he did not ensure that Luffy died, thus taking away the alliance’s hope in him.
Usopp tells Nami that they should run because Ulti will rise soon and they have no chance of handling her or Big Mom. Nami replies that Ulti will come after them either way, and it’s important that the enemy pirate gets what’s coming to her. As Ulti gets up, Nami attacks her with a Tornado Tempo, but Shinuchi easily dodges and grabs Nami by the arms, preparing to crush her skull once and for all with a headbutt. However, Big Mom then fuses Hera, Prometheus, and Napoleon together and uses them to fire a powerful laser at Ulti in an attack she calls Maser Ho. The shot easily pierces through Ultia’s body and renders her unconscious, leaving the onlookers Beasts Pirates in shock.
Usopp and Nami use this to escape with Tama, telling her they have no choice but to leave the unconscious Komachiya behind for now. Nami then sees Zeus peeking around the corner and wonders who Hera is. Prometheus and Napoleon talk to Hera about how they make a great team, and Prometheus asks Hera to be his girlfriend, but Hera brushes them off and rejects Prometheus’ advances. Zeus begins to cry in worry as he sees his fellow citizens talking to Hera, and when he sees Nami, he tries to approach her, only for Nami to coldly ignore him. Big Mom then calls Zeus and he apologizes for the delay and tries to find out if Hera is just an addition to their group. However, Big Mom tells Zeus that he has been replaced, with Prometheus and Napoleon chastising him for almost letting Big Mom die earlier, as well as his many other mistakes in the past. Big Mom then tells Hera to go eat Zeus and become stronger by consuming his soul, and when Hera bites him, a panicked Zeus apologizes to Big Mom and promises to leave her alone if she lets him go. However, Big Mom replies that it would be stealing the piece of her soul she gave him, and that the best Zeus can do for her is to have Hera eaten.
Big Mom then rips Tama out of Usopp’s grasp to keep her safe as she goes to attack the Straw Hat duo. Zeus then desperately calls out to Nami, begging her to forgive him for running back to Big Mom, which he admits was out of cowardice. Nami refuses to forgive Zeus and he accepts but says he will make it up to her by going against Big Mom before she dies. Zeus then charges up with storm energy as he rushes towards Big Mom, but quickly runs out of energy as Big Mom effortlessly grabs him. Big Mom then drains a large portion of his soul and gives the rest of his body, now essentially a soulless husk, to finish off Hera. Nami releases some black orbs for Zeus to eat so he can escape, but Zeus is unable to consume them. Hera then fully absorbs it and also bites into the Clima-Tact, causing her strength to increase immensely. Usopp manages to get Tama back, and as the trio flees from Big Mom, he prepares Napoleon with a flame and asks if he will have to kill Tama as well for abandoning her. However, the Kid then arrives and captures Napoleon with a giant metal arm. He then successfully forces Napoleon back and grabs Big Mom’s head to slam it into the ground with Punk Gibson. As Big Mom quickly gets up and shakes off the shock, Kid tells the Straw Hats to leave him the Emperor, much to their delight.
Standing alone on the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaidou notes that Luffy let his new power go to his head. However, as Luffy falls unconscious from Onigashima, Kaidou is actually pitied, noting that because of his failure to completely finish off the pirate, his allies will still maintain hope and faith in him.

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