One Piece Manga Chapter 1014

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When Luffy lands in the ocean, Kaidou states that his Haoshoku Haki infusion was crude and that he seemingly couldn’t be Joy Boy. Bao Huang then contacts Kaidou to tell him that Momonosuke has been found, and while Yamato fights among the animal pirates in the fortress, Momonosuke reads Oden’s diary and realizes from its contents that he must not die. On the live floor, Chopper attacks the queen with Monster Point, which was extended with the help of Caesar Clown; however, he can’t figure out a way to hurt the All-Star. Additionally, Perospero arrived on the Live Floor and attacked the entire area with sugar arrows.
Kaidou has Bao Huang announce his victory over Luffy to everyone in the Skull Dome as he heads down to take out the remaining alliance fighters. Soon after Kin’emon and Kikunojo are reunited with Momonosuke and Shinobue, Kanjuro arrives in another disguise with Oden. Kiku goes to attack him, but ends up hesitating due to the disguise and allows Kanjuro to stab her. Kin’emon then defeats Kanjur, and as he collapses, the treacherous Sheath declares that it was fitting that his closest companion should do so. Kaidou then comes into the room and attacks Kin’emon, with the samurai’s defenses no match as Shinobu desperately flees with Momonosuke. When this happens, Onigashima finally reaches the Wano mainland.
As Luffy falls off Onigashima and into the ocean, Kaidou states that although the pirate managed to imbue his Haoshoku Haki, its use was crude and clumsy; Kaidou also says that he assumes Luffy can’t be Joy Boy. He then receives a call from Bao Huang informing him that Momonosuke has been found. Kaidou says that he will immediately head to the boy and tells Bao Huang to announce the result of his and Luffy’s fight to all of Onigashima.
On the third floor of the castle, the Beast Pirates spot Yamato and notice that the young master’s exploding shackles are gone, and Yamato confirms this and shoves them aside. In the crawl space below the first floor, Momonosuke reads Oden’s journal and remarks to Shinobu that he knows he must not die based on what he has read. Just then, Momonosuke hears a powerful voice in his head, causing him to collapse and squirm in discomfort as he questions who the voice belongs to. On the Live Floor, Chopper flips the transformed queen over and slams her into the ground and walls, much to the cheers of both the Samurai and the renegade Beasts Pirates. However, the Queen remains relatively unharmed while Chopper starts panting from exhaustion and All-Star notices and taunts the pirate. Additionally, Chopper was hit in the back by several candies fired by Perosper, who joined the fights on the Live Floor. Chopper inwardly expresses frustration, noting that despite increasing the Monster Point time limit, he has yet to deal significant damage to the Queen and now has less than ten minutes left in this form. A few weeks ago, on his way from Punk Hazard to Dressrosa, Caesar Clown learned about Rumble Balls and mocked their short three-minute effect. He gave Chopper a list of chemicals to add to the Rumble Ball to extend the duration of the effect up to 30 minutes, albeit with some added risks.
Queen fires a Black Coffee laser beam at Chopper, who dodges it, and as Perospero prepares another volley of sweet arrows, Bao Huang arrives on the Live Stage and declares through the other Marys that Kaidou has taken down both the Nine Red Sheaths and Luffy. He says that Kaidou is coming down to take out any remaining enemies and offers the enemy alliance a chance to surrender and join the Beasts Pirates to spare their lives. The Alliance remembers reacting with shock at this announcement, though both Zoro and Sanji loudly refused the offer to surrender. When this happens, Kanjuro reaches the passage to the first floor, where Kin’emon and Kikunojo have already reunited with Momonosuke and Shinobue. Still affected by the voice in his head, Momonosuke is about to tell Kin’emon to say something to everyone when Shinobu points out that Mary the Frog is with them. Just then, Kanjuro climbs into the crawl space, cloaks himself in another Oden disguise, and greets Momonosuke and Shinobu under the guise of being Oden.
Shinobu is shocked and Momonosuke is pleased to see Oden, but Kikunojo immediately informs them that he is an impostor. Enraged that Kanjuro is using Oden’s likeness again after the ambush that claimed Ashur Doji, Kikunojo lashes out at him, intent on ending him once and for all. Kanjuro continues to play the role of Oden, and when he mentions how “he” accepted Kiku and Izou, Kiku hesitates briefly and allows Kanjuro to pierce her chest with his sword. Oden’s disguise then disappears as Kanjuro laughs triumphantly and says that it was only fair that Kiku should be dealt the fatal blow that she was to him. Kin’emon catches Kiku as she collapses to the ground, and she tells him with a smile that even though she didn’t make it, the melting of the falling snow means that the “dawn” is surely at hand.
When this happens, Kanjuro tries to strike Kin’emon with his brush, but Kin’emon quickly draws his sword and strikes his former friend, leaving a deep cut diagonally across his chest. Kanjuro stood still for a moment, laughing, noting how appropriate it was for Kin’emon, the one who had been his closest comrade during the act he performed, to “close the curtain” on his life. Just as Kanjuro collapses, Kaidou crashes into the crawl space from above and prepares his kanabo to kill Momonosuke. Kin’emon orders Shinobu to take Momonosuke and escape as he protects them from Kaida, raising both of his swords to try and defend against the Emperor’s attack. Kaidou’s kanabo shatters Kin’emon’s katanas with great ease and strikes the samurai with deadly force, and Momonosuke can only watch, cry and scream Kin’emon’s name as Shinobu carries him away. When this happens, Onigashima finally arrives on the Wano mainland.

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