One Piece Manga Chapter 1019

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With Sasaki’s powers now defected, Franky is able to take Tobiroppo one on one. The two fight furiously, with Sasaki demonstrating the ability to make his triceratops quickly turn and become a weapon, as well as levitate into the air. Sasaki lands a powerful finishing blow on General Franky, damaging him heavily, but Franky manages to eject from him in time. He then releases a “radical beam” that hits Sasaki in the stomach and knocks him down.
On the roof of the Skull Dome, Yamato entered a hybrid Zoan form while doing battle with Kaida.
Long summary
Queen fires several laser shots at Sanji, but he dodges them while musing about how excited Franky would be if he got his hands on Queen’s technology. As for Zoro, the Minks try to heal him, but due to the amount of bandages he’s wrapped in, they have to stick the needle in pretty deep, which worries him. At Polar Tang, the Heart Pirates finally pump all the water out of Luffy. Everyone starts arguing about the best way to cure him, but Luffy yells that he wants meat.
In the right brain tower, the tamed Gifters continue to fight the other Beasts pirates backing up Sasaki, allowing Franky to fight him one-on-one. Sasaki angrily stated that what they did was treason, regardless of the method behind it. Franky tells Sasaki that he is a tough enemy as he has dealt him several blows, and Sasaki also admits that he is tough himself. Sasaki transforms into his hybrid form and says that they were betrayed on the Living Floor, so he plans to go there to kill all the defectors and ask Franky to stay out of his way while he draws his Karakuri Rasento. Franky counters that he won’t let it go, and also says he doesn’t mind the defectors helping him.
The tamed Gifters agree to support him, but Franky tells them not to, just as Sasaki begins to spin his neck bone like a propeller, giving him the ability to fly, surprising Franky. The Gifters realize what is about to happen, but are too late to react when Sasaki attacks them all with a Heliceratops. Sasaki attacks Franky with it again as Franky says he didn’t expect the fight to become a dogfight. Sasaki tells Franky that the Triceratops is a unique breed of dinosaur as he lands and rotates his neck bone again with the clear intention of attacking Franky directly. Franky tries to use General Shield to protect himself, but surprisingly, Sasaki moves backwards instead when he turns the propeller wrong.
While embarrassed, Sasaki plays it off, saying that now he has more room to attack Franky and hit him with the Tamaceratops. His attack causes Franky’s shoulder blaster to fail and explode, but Franky still grabs Sasaki and uses a General Suplex to slam him to the ground. Seeing the V-shaped scar he left earlier, Franky says that his stomach is definitely a weak spot, he used Shori no V-Flash again, hoping to finish Sasaki off. Unfortunately, Sasaki gets back into the air and dodges the attack. The two have a brief sword fight that ends with Franken breaking due to Franky’s lack of sword skills.
Franky decides to use his strongest attack and runs off to get ready, with Sasaki chasing after him. When Sasaki returns to the Live Floor, he uses Tamaceratops again, but Franky blasts him into the air with the Gaon Portable Cannon: General Cannon. While injured, Sasaki recovers and tells Franky that everyone is afraid of the Beasts Pirates because of Tobiroppo, so he shouldn’t underestimate him. He declares that he will take him with him and uses the Magnumceratops to hit Franky directly, severely damaging the Iron Pirate. Luckily, Franky pops out and hits Sasaki in the stomach with a Radical Beam, knocking him unconscious.
On the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaidou tells Yamato that he would be a valuable addition to the Beasts Pirates military force, to which Yamato retorts that this is no way for a parent to talk to their child. Kaidou tells Yamato that the devil fruit he was consuming was one he had a hard time getting and he never planned to let him have it. Yamato tells him that he ate it out of hunger and now he can’t swim even though he wanted to sail out. Yamato tells Kaidou that even though he failed to kill him several times, all the defeats made him stronger and that the explosive bonds weren’t the only thing keeping him in Wano. Yamato states that if he had just left the earth, he wouldn’t be able to call himself Kozuki Oden as his Devil Fruit hybrid form is shown.

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