One Piece Manga Chapter 1024

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Kaidou’s palace is constantly engulfed in flames as the war rages, and more and more fighters on both sides begin to make their way to the Live Floor.
Meanwhile, Kaido attacks Yamato with murderous intent, claiming that his son is nothing more than an enemy if he truly bears the name Oden. Yamato remembers Kaidou trapping him in a cave shortly after Oden’s death along with several enemy samurai, leaving the group to fight over a single ration of food. Despite Yamato’s fear that the samurai would hate him, the warriors gave him food without hesitation, treating him with the same warmth they had once treated the real Oden. After ten days, the samurai decided to break free from the cave and confront Kaidou to allow Yamato to survive, even though it was suicidal for them to do so. In the present day, Yamato expresses confidence in his identity and purpose and questions Kaidou as to why he took both his and Wan’s freedom as the two engage in a powerful Haoshoku Haki-imbued clash.
On the second floor, several Beasts Pirates watch their allies collapse, with some assuming Haoshoku Haki was the cause. Sure, it is, but according to Usopp, who described himself as “Usohachi’s Sibling Hunter” when he rode Gifter with a crocodile for his head, the Haki came from himself when he calls himself the man who defeated the two members. from Tobiropp. The Beasts Pirates react in fear as he tells them to join him, while in the distance Speed ​​tells Tam that it is actually Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki that is knocking the pirates unconscious, its range is quite far.
Nami tries to contact Franky to ask for an update on Luffy’s condition, but he replies that he only knows what Momonosuke said earlier, who Nami says should be with Shinobu, though he can’t reach her either. Franky says that if there is no update it means everything is fine and informs her that several pirates are trying to swarm the living floor while Zoro and Sanji are fighting the King and Queen and that they need to be stopped. Bepo, Shachi and Penguin agree to help. On the third floor, the fire started by Black Maria gets out of control as Brook carries a sleeping Robin in his arms, and on the fourth floor, Jinbe is informed of Brook’s situation as he wonders who is holding Kaido right now.
At the top of the Skull Dome, Yamato attacks Kaida with Narikabura. It doesn’t hurt him when he is returned by Kongo Kabura, who throws him into a rock. As Yamato gets up, he reveals that Kaidou was trying to kill him, with Kaidou replying that if Yamato takes the name Oden, he should be ready for war. Yamato questions if it’s wrong to admire someone and declares that he loves Oden as he remembers his childhood.
In the past, young Yamato, who was called “Princess Oni” by the Beast Pirates at the time, was chained to the gate as he kept calling himself “Oden” and demanded that Kaido release him. Kaidou asks if he knocked everyone around unconscious, which Yamato denies, saying that they just fell, but Kaidou sees that he also has Haoshoku Haki. Kaidou tells Yamato that if he continues to call himself Oden, he may die as he has him moved to a cave for a month until he sees reason. Yamato begins to fear for his life as the cave is filled with powerful samurai that Kaidou is trying to force to join his crew. He throws some food and many swords at him to see if they will fight to the death for him as he leaves. As he does so, Yamato pleads with Kaida not to leave him in the cave as he believes the samurai will kill him for being his child. However, Kaidou coldly reminds Yamato of his declaration that he is Oden as he seals the cave.
Yamato sees the samurai taking his weapons and begins to fear that they will kill him out of hatred for Kaido, but to his utter surprise, they give him food and tell him to eat, which he gratefully does. After Yamato finishes, he asks if he can be a samurai and prompts whoever gave him the food to cut his chains. The samurai tells him that everyone in the cave adored Oden and heard his declaration as his own. As the samurai demands to be called “Nobody Important”, Yamato shows him Oden’s diary and says he has trouble reading it. They all continue reading while Yamato is amazed by Oden’s stories. Ten days later, the samurai told Yamato that at this rate they might not be able to see the battle Oden had predicted in twenty years. Yamato says he will fight for Wano that day, but the samurai decides to break out and fight immediately to make sure Yamato doesn’t die in the cave like Kaidou wants.
Back in the present, an angry Yamato asks Kaidou why he stole his and Wan’s freedom, but he says that life doesn’t have simple questions and answers. The two perform Raimei Hakke and unleash a clash of Haoshoku Haki, which Kaidou is forced to acknowledge.

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