One Piece Manga Chapter 1029

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Fearing that the modifications the Judge has placed on his brothers may affect him and thus strip him of his humanity, Sanji tries to run away from the Queen to buy time to figure out what is going on as the attacks continue to hit his body. .

Meanwhile, Hawkins intentionally injures himself to transfer the damage to the Kid, making him vulnerable to Big Mom and binding the Killer. However, the Slayer then realizes the nature of Hawkins’ Wara Wara no Mi power and cuts off Supernova’s left arm; this attack doesn’t transfer to Kid since he doesn’t have a left arm. The killer is then able to remove the straw doll from the severed arm that binds Hawkins to the Kid, which is the last doll Hawkins possessed. With this ability canceled, Hawkins sends his Straw Man to attack, but Killer is able to overpower him and knock him down.

The Beasts pirates react in shock and confusion as they witness the Queen’s sword shatter after striking Sanji’s neck. Several of them doubt that he used Busoshoku Haki to protect himself, and Queen verifies it. As Sanji recovers, Queen remembers when Vinsmoke Judge told him that he wanted to make people more resilient, with accelerated healing, increased physical strength, and a complete lack of emotion. Chopper is surprised that Sanji survived the Queen’s attack, but Sanji begins to fear the thought of becoming an Inhuman like his brothers. In response, Sanji immediately flees the Live Floor, hoping to have time to think about what is causing this new development, and if this continues, he will lose his emotions. Several Beasts Pirates shoot at him in his madness, but the bullets have no effect on him. Queen also starts chasing Sanji to see him use his Raid Suit.

On the second floor, Big Mom wins over Eustace Kid, who has fallen to his knees and is suffering from a headache. She prepares to attack him with Napoleon and Hera, but Law holds her back by using Counter Shock on her face. Enraged, Prometheus uses Stolen Fire on him to blast him, and Big Mom opens up to leap into the air and slam into the ground with her electrified pals in a move called the Mama-Raid. He watches to see the downed pirates get up while Kid tries to figure out what’s causing these strange headaches. He tries to pull himself together because he doesn’t want to die fighting the Emperor while Big Mom continues to laugh at him.

On the third floor, it is revealed that the cause of Kid’s headaches is Basil Hawkins, who has linked his life with him with his Devil Fruit, repeatedly hitting his head on a pillar and transferring damage to it. Killer desperately begs Hawkins to stop, but Hawkins simply mocks him for eating the wrong SMILE. The rest of the Kid Pirates gather around Killer, but he refuses to let them help him, despite being told that the fire inside the castle is spreading. Killer asks Hawkins to release Kid and take him instead, but Hawkins kicks him as he says Kid is probably fighting Big Mom and remembers how he wanted to replace the Emperor. Hawkins reminds Killer that he can always defeat him with his scythes, but he doesn’t mind if Killer surrenders, even willing to talk to Kaida for him.

Hawkins tells Killer that he and the alliance have no chance of defeating Kaidou or Big Mom, supporting his claim with the fact that they have ruled the sea for so long because they are powerful. However, Killer counters that Hawkins is covering up his own regret for siding with Kaido, as the alliance was fighting against the odds he anticipated. Hawkins tells Killer that he will see who made the right decision when the battle is over and Killer gets up. As he does so, Killer asks Hawkins what happens when he takes damage that has nowhere to go. Hawkins is confused by what Killer is thinking, as he should know how his powers work, but Killer quickly cuts off Hawkin’s left arm.

As Hawkins clutches his severed limb, he is confused as to why he sustained the injury, only to be reminded by Killer that Kid does not have a left arm, and it is certain that with Kid, his mechanical arm will fall off. As Killer holds Hawkins’ arm, a straw doll emerges and Hawkins confirms that it was his last. He then draws the Straw Card: Death and conjures a Straw Man, which he sends to attack the Killer. However, Killer uses Zanshu Claw to destroy him. Hawkins states that the Straw Man cannot die and returns just as he licks another card to show the outcome of the battle. When he does, he sees to his horror that it is “The Tower”.

In an instant, Killer uses Jin Sonic to finish off Hawkins as his crew cheers him on. As it turns out, the “Tower” signifies great change and upheaval of the established order, and also has a hidden meaning where it suggests the opening of a new path. Sure enough, once Hawkins goes down, Kid says he feels better now that Killer is cheering him on.

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