One Piece Manga Chapter 1037

One Piece Manga Chapter 1037

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As Luffy and Kaidou’s battle rages, Kaidou gets drunk on sake and goes through a wide range of emotions and rapid mood swings. Meanwhile, the Five Elders are discussing the Wano conflict on Mary Geoise when they receive a message from one of the government ships stationed nearby that Zunesha has arrived. When the elders hear the news, they turn the discussion to the legendary Devil Fruit that has seemingly not awakened for centuries; however, one elder points out that this fruit was specifically given a different kind of name, probably to erase it from history.
The Flower Capital Fire Festival is coming to an end, and several people are writing wishes on Sky Ships to take off in the sky.
The people actually know that Onigashima is still making his way to the capital, and up on the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaido reverted to his human form and started drinking, much to Luffy’s annoyance. Kaidou tells Luffy that he’s drinking because he’s having fun and reminds him of the feast they originally had before they destroyed it. After Kaidou finishes his drink, he goes into “Warai Jogo” mode and Luffy, while still angry, attacks him, hoping that he won’t use his drunkenness as an excuse if he loses. However, Kaidou clarifies that he has been drinking because it will make him stronger as he has finally recognized his power.
Drunk, Kaidou dodges an attack from Luffy and counters with Shuron Hakk and Warai Jogo: Ragnaraku, transforming back into his Human-Beast Form and slamming Luffy into the ground, with pieces of the roof falling on the people still inside the castle. Luffy clutches his head in pain as Kaidou goes full dragon and also goes into “Ochikomi Jogo” mode, lamenting how half the castle and island are destroyed due to his failure to protect them, and how it may take another five years before everything will build again. . Luffy attacks him again but Kaidou uses Tatsumaki Kaifu to blast him just as he goes into his Human-Beast Form and “Naki Jogo” mode and attacks Luffy with Raimei Hakka but Luffy dodges it and kicks him right in the face . a leg coated in Haoshoku Haki.
Even with blood flowing, Kaidou suddenly grabs Luffy by his tail and brings him forward to his face as the two grapple with Haoshoku Haki, but Luffy is stunned and knocked back as he admits that Kaidou’s Haki is getting stronger. Kaidou then goes into “Okori Jogo” mode and gets mad at Luffy for starting to sober him up and fires a blast of energy at him, but Luffy dodges and he attacks him with the Gomu Gomu no Roc Gatling while Kaidou counters with the Gundari Ryuseigun. . The two attacks collide and both Luffy and Kaidou are hit by each other’s attacks, but Luffy manages to hit Kaidou directly in the stomach.
In Mary Geoise’s Holy Land, the Five Elders complain about the Levels, but change the subject to the Battle of Wano and how Nico Robin should have been captured or killed at this point, and how he must now act. World government ships see a giant shadow around Wan and some believe it to be an island. As it turns out, it is the giant elephant Zunesha that carries the mink island home. This concerns the Five Elders as they say “that” Devil Fruit has not awakened for centuries and should only be a legend as one of them points out that the World Government gave it a specific name to hide its existence from the annals. history.

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