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Big Mom resists Kid’s laser blast and tries to use Soul Pocus, which doesn’t affect Kid or Law due to their lack of fear. Law then creates a silent zone around Big Mom (similar to Corazon’s Devil Fruit power), and when Kid pushes her into the hole, Big Mom can’t call her friends to save her. She lands in the armory and inadvertently sets off a bomb that causes Kazenbo to wither and blow away the remaining ground behind her. Big Mom then proceeds to fall all the way to the Wano mainland, where she is defeated in a huge explosion; the warriors around Law and Kid are left in awe and jubilation at their victory over the Sea Emperor.
The hole created by Big Mom allows Momonosuke to reunite with Yamato, and Momonosuke says that Zunesha is calling out to him, revealing that the elephant was once Joy Boy’s companion.
Eustass Kid attempts to blast Big Mom into the large hole Law made with his last attack, but Big Mom soon begins to resist the impact of the blast and grips the edge of the hole to keep it from moving. She then uses her Soul Pocus move again and says that after Kid’s attack ends, everyone present can either give her fifty years of their lives or become her slaves. Both crews begin to panic, including the Beasts Pirates, but while Kid and Law’s crews want to escape, Kid and Law are surprisingly unaffected by Big Mom’s Soul Pocus, the reason being that they are not afraid of her.
Law creates a miniaturized room called the R-ROOM, which he launches in Big Mom, canceling all sound in it as a tribute to the late Donquijote Rosinante’s Nagi Nagi no Mi abilities. At the same time, Misery tries to attack Law, but he easily destroys him with his sword. When Big Mom’s voice no longer hits anyone to steal their souls, Kid fires another Damned Punk, successfully blasting her into the hole, with neither Prometheus nor Hera able to come to her rescue.
She ends up being blasted into the armory, where she ends up hitting one of the bombs that Yamato froze, causing her pain and also damaging Kazenbo, making her shrink. Yamato is able to create a wall of ice to protect himself and the other frozen bombs, but the explosion destroys the bottom of Onigashima, causing Big Mom to fall with several other explosives. As he falls, he mentally curses Roger for instigating the “Great Pirate Era” when it had no effect on him because he was about to die and because of that tons of young upstarts are trying to get the emperors heads. He says he could at least tell them about One Piece; if it was real, where it is, what it is, and if any of it could be “found” in Wano. The explosives hit the hole and cause another massive explosion before Big Mom is engulfed in the blast, cursing Law and Kid for it, claiming she won’t die from it, and Law uses the quiet room to block out the sound. explosion. Law and Kid are declared the winners of the battle and their crews cheer them on.
As a result of the earlier explosion, the impact is felt by everyone across the island, with Zoro himself starting to fall off the island. Fukurokuju also falls, desperately begging for some water, while Raizo stands his ground. Momonosuke asks Yamato if the explosion came from the basement, which he confirms, also saying that he froze the other bombs. Momonosuke then tells Yamato that Zunesha, the elephant carrying Zou on his back, is approaching land. Yamato asks if this Zunesha is the same one Oden mentioned in his diary, and Momonosuke confirms it, also saying that she was once Joy Boy’s companion when she committed a crime 800 years ago.

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