One Piece Manga Chapter 1043

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In the dense fog, Brook is surprised to see his old friends, the Rumbar Pirates. Robin and Black Maria begin to fight in earnest and Luffy asks Momonosuke to bring him back to Onigashima.
As Robin runs away from Black Maria’s Gifters, she is joined by Brook, who is relieved that she was not fooled by the Illusion Mist. However, they are suddenly attacked by Black Maria herself, who admonishes Robin for attacking her own mother. She calls them cruel for attacking their friends and family, but the duo ignore her and Robin notes that Brook was immune to the mist as well.
He explains that he saw his old crew in the fog. The old friends were playing Binks’ Sake together for the first time in 50 years as Brook reminisced about when he was one of their companions. When he remembered, he was attacked by a member of the Beasts Pirates disguised as Yorki, though he managed to dodge the attack in time. He reveals that they simply reminded him that his old crewmates are dead as he defeats the copycats one by one.
Brook continues to talk to Robin, explaining that while he was trapped in the Florian Triangle for 50 years, he constantly wished his crew members were alive, even hallucinating that they were. However, every time he imagined them, the fantasy was broken and he was forced to accept their deaths. As the two continue to run, Robin points out that they have a lot in common, and Brook reminisces about the time he joined the Straw Hat Pirates.
As Robin and Brook run on, Black Maria swings at them and burns the floor behind them. He shoots silk onto the roof and jumps over them, forcing them to stop suddenly. He starts spinning Wanyudo, causing Robin to grab onto the ceiling and pick up two straw hats from the floor. Robin advises Black Maria to stop spreading fire, but Black Maria ignores her and asks her to surrender instead. Brook suddenly realizes that Wanyudo is a living being that sends its soul through him and freezes him and stops his flames. Black Maria angrily swings at the ceiling, causing the Straw Hats to fall to the floor.
As the two fall, Brook covers the ground with ice, breaking their fall. Black Maria tries to state that Sanji sold Robin out, that’s why he called for help, but Robin ignores her. Brook leaves Black Maria to Robin, promising to defeat her Gifters instead. Once Brook leaves, Robin takes issue with Sanji’s description of Black Mario and begins to fight back in earnest.
Robin creates a giant version of himself, grabs Black Maria with several more sets of giant hands. However, Black Maria starts slicing arms and causing injuries to Robin herself. Noticing that Robin is injured, Black Maria launches several tendrils of threads that block the movement of Robin’s enlarged limbs.
Back on land, Momonosuke and Shinobu watch as Onigashima flies further inland. Suddenly they notice the Polar Tang on the shore and Luffy screams loudly for meat. He quickly eats all of the Heart Pirates’ provisions while still asking for more when Momonosuke and Shinobu run up to him. The Heart Pirates explain how they found Luffy and Momonosuke explains what happened to Kikunoj and Kin’emon. Momonosuke begins to cry and Luffy yells at him to stop, declaring that he will be the next Shogun. He then starts screaming for meat again as the Caribou arrives behind the shipwreck and offers meat to the Heart Pirates. Meanwhile, Luffy asks Momonosuke to turn into a dragon and bring him back to Onigashima.

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