One Piece Manga Chapter 105

One Piece Manga Chapter 105

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Crocus tells Nami about Log Pose and how the Straw Hats will need her to traverse the Grand Line. Luffy retrieves the Log Pose that Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday left on their ship, but breaks it while fighting Sanji; However, Krokus gives them another one out of gratitude. With Log Pose lost, Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday can no longer get to Whiskey Peak to report to their boss. He begs the Straw Hats to take them to Whiskey Peak, and the crew reluctantly agrees to sail there.
Luffy finishes painting his crew’s Jolly Roger on Laboon’s forehead as a symbol of his promise to return and fight the whale again. Meanwhile, Nami plots a navigation route, Sanji prepares fish to cook, and Usopp tries to make repairs to the Going Merry while Zoro sleeps. Suddenly, Nami screams, and as the crew takes a break to eat, they reveal that her compass is spinning all over the place. Crocus is surprised by their lack of knowledge of the Great Line and reveals that the presence of minerals on the islands affects the magnetic fields of the ocean. Not only that, but the wind is also very unpredictable. He states that they will need a Log Pose, which is a special type of compass that records magnetic fields. Luffy ends up having one, much to Nami’s surprise, and reveals that Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday left it on their ship.
Crocus states that with Log Pose, they will need to record the magnetic field interaction on each island before they can move on to the next. There are seven possible magnetic field paths they could travel, each leading to the Laughing Tale, a legendary island at the end of the Great Line. Usopp asks if One Piece is located on Laugh Tale, and Crocus states that it is likely, but unconfirmed. Luffy ends up eating all the food Sanji made and kicks Luffy for eating the food he made especially for Nami. However, he unwittingly sends Luffy slamming into the Log Pose, destroying it. Nami kicks Luffy and Sanji into the ocean, wondering what they’ll do now, but Crocus says he’ll give them one as thanks for helping Laboon.
Meanwhile, Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday spy on the Straw Hats and confirm that they left their Log Pose with the crew. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to return to their city and would face the wrath of their boss if they didn’t report back. They are about to take it by force when the unfortunates, Mr. 13 the sea otter and Miss Friday the vulture, arrive. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday desperately try to make excuses, but the unfortunates drop a package-shaped bomb on them. , blowing them into the ocean. They return to shore at the same time and place as Luffy and Sanji, and Mr. 9 asks the Straw Hats to take them to Whiskey Peak. The Strawmen are suspicious of them and want to know more, but they claim that their organization requires their secrecy and offer to pay them back if the Strawmen help them. Nami mentions that they broke the Log Pose they stole and stunned them before assuring them of the one Crocus gave them. Crocus warns them against choosing to go to Whiskey Peak and his route, but the Straw Hats are confident as they say goodbye to him and Laboon. As Crocus watches them leave, he asks Roger if these are the pirates they were waiting for.

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