One Piece Manga Chapter 1055

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Kin’emon survives his defeat in battle, having been cut in two. Meanwhile, Kanjuro performs his “ultimate feat”, creating a flame monster and setting the castle on fire.
After Queen’s blade shatters upon contact with Sanji’s neck, Sanji realizes that he can have scientific enhancements just like his siblings. Even when enemies shoot him with firearms, he survives unharmed. Yet he denies his abilities out of contempt for his old family.
X Drake continues his fight against the Beasts Pirates when he is confronted by Scratchmen Apoo. Apoo proposes an incomprehensible proposition; since both sides of the battle would be heavily damaged after the raid, Apoo suggests forming an alliance to defeat the weakened victor after the battle is over. On his side are three Numbers: Inbi, Fuga, and Zanki. Drake is not interested in this offer, he does not trust Apo.
Tama and her tamed beast pirates try to escape the fire, but come face to face with Kin’emon’s lower body. He apparently survived his defeat at the hands of Kaidou as he was already bifurcated by the law. While his upper body remains in the attic trying to wake up Kiku, his lower body searches for an ally. His lower body can communicate, but he can’t hear others because the ears are on his other half. He reunites with Nami’s group after tracing an inverted crescent moon on his leg, allowing him to identify her as an ally.
On the third floor, Brook continues to escort Robin away, but is confronted by Guernica and members of CP0. Guernica attempts to capture Robin, but Norse warriors come to support her.
Kanjuro reveals that he also survived his defeat and is in contact with Orochi. At Orochi’s order, Kanjuro decides to put on a “final performance” using his Devil Fruit ability. To symbolize the burning hatred of the Kurozumi family, he uses Kazenbo: he draws and creates a large ghost-like entity wreathed in flames. The monster goes through walls and ignites everything it touches. Shortly after creating the monster, Kanjuro collapses and eventually succumbs to his injuries.
The Marys announce that the Skull Dome is now on fire. Sanji continues his fight against the Queen, Zoro furiously fights against the King in the air, and Luffy and Kaidou continue their fight on the roof of the Skull Dome.

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