One Piece Manga Chapter 1057

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As the situation escalates around Onigashima, fearing his awakening, as Sanji makes up his mind, he contacts Zoro and asks him to kill him if he loses control.
Apoo tries to convince X Drake to team up against Kaido after the Emperor defeats Luffy. He states that Kaidou has never been weakened like this, so now is the time to defeat him. However, X Drake declines his offer and attacks Apoo instead. The skirmish is interrupted by Yamato, who rushes to the armory to stop Onigashi from exploding.
Elsewhere, CP0 agents have arrived to take Nico Robin. However, the Minks attack the agents as a distraction, allowing Brook and Robin to escape.
Meanwhile, Sanji flees from his fight against the Queen after noticing that his body has begun to mutate. His fears of turning into a cold-blooded Germanic soldier like his brothers are slowly taking over him. He ignores the lady calling for help and only comes to his senses when he sees said lady on the floor bleeding and looking at him in fear. He rushes to her aid, but she begs him not to come any closer.
O-some, as the woman’s name is, rushes into a nearby room where other geisha were hiding. Sanji again offers to help O-some, but the other women scold him for hurting a defenseless woman. The women chase him out of their hiding place, where he finds Queen, who has been looking for him.
Sanji is shaken by the thought of hitting a woman. It is revealed that his mutation was caused by the use of his Germa suit. He wonders if Luffy would rather have an unreliable crew member who is powerless against women or a cruel and heartless warrior who is capable of bringing anyone’s head when given the order. Wondering what the future pirate king needs, he decides to destroy his Germa suit.
Using the Den Den Mushi, Sanji summons Zoro, who is in the middle of his fight against the King. Unsure if his mutation will change him for good, he asks the swordsman once the battle is won to kill him if he ever loses his humanity. Zoro happily accepts and tells Sanji not to die until then. Shortly after, Sanji turns seemingly invisible and hits Queen with his Hell Memories attack.

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