One Piece Manga Chapter 1063

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After finishing eating, Atlas leaves Luffy’s group and Luffy finds a machine that allows his group to change clothes. However, when a Pacifist resembling Bartholomew Kuma appears, Bonney stops Luffy from attacking and confirms to the others that Kuma is her father, as he is her only family. Meanwhile, the Blackbeard Pirates attack the Heart Pirates to get the Road Poneglyph etchings that the Heart Pirates have. During the attack, it is revealed that the officers Blackbeard brought with him now have Devil Fruit powers. After landing on a nearby island, Law prepares to face Blackbeard with the etchings as a prize.
Bonney, Luffy, and Chopper finally chow down, with Atlas commenting on how big they all are now (though Jinbe points out that he’s always been pretty big). A mechanical dog called “Recycle-Cur” begins eating garbage as Atlas returns to work.
After he leaves, the group notices other people walking by and Bonney assumes they are some kind of assistants. Jinbe questions why they’ve appeared now when the entire space was empty a minute ago, but his attention turns to Luffy, whose clothing has now changed to something similar to what Atlas and the others are wearing. Luffy comments on how good the clothes make him feel when Bonney asks where he got them, after which Luffy shows her another of Dr.’s inventions. Vegapunks who create clothes.
Bonney takes advantage of this and changes his into a battle uniform. Chopper changes into something similar while Jinbe dons a tropical shirt. Just as Bonney is about to part ways with the Straw Hats, Luffy sees Bartholomew Kuma approaching them in a police outfit. The pacifist charges for the group and challenges them that they actually stole these clothes. The group backs out of the way as Luffy decides to fight back. Just as he is about to attack the Pacifist, Bonney stops him and tells all three that Kuma is her father and the only family she has left. The Straw Hats are shocked by this revelation as Bonney continues to plead with them not to hurt her father, but just as Pacifista is about to fire at her, Luffy attacks her and tells her that she is not the real Kuma. The pacifist blasts a hole in the island.
Meanwhile, in a certain sea in the New World, the Blackbeard Pirates ambushed the Heart Pirates. The Polar Tang begins to take on water as Law tries to find a place where he and his crew can get to. Suddenly, Law transforms into a woman. And soon the rest of his crew will start turning too. As everyone tries to grasp the situation, the ship emerges and Law returns to normal, having learned from his fight with Kaida and Big Mom that any Devil Fruit power can be overpowered by the large amount of Haki he used on himself.
When the crew arrives on land, the Blackbeard Pirates doctor, Doc Q, comments on how Law was able to undo his feminization disease that he infected the crew with. As it turns out, Doc Q has eaten the Shiku Shiku no Mi, which allows him to create and spread any kind of disease. Also with him were Van Augur and Jesus Burgess, both of whom also consumed Devil Fruits; Wapu Wapu no Mi for Augur, allowing him to teleport people, and Riki Riki no Mi for Burgess, giving him inhuman levels of strength. Augur warps Burgess to the island, where the latter picks up a mountain to throw at the Heart Pirates. Law manages to destroy it when Blackbeard flies in on Doc Q and his horse Stronger, who has consumed Uma Uma no Mi, Model: Pegasus, the mythical Zoan fruit that gives Stronger wings.
Blackbeard welcomes Law when the latter wants to know what the former wants. Blackbeard says he knew one of them would end up on that particular island after leaving Wan, but he wasn’t sure who. He tells Law that he suspects he claimed Kaidou’s Road Poneglyph and that he plans to claim it for himself. Law accepts Blackbeard’s challenge and says the winner takes all.

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