One Piece Manga Chapter 1067

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When Bonney is surprised by Vegapunk’s current form, the Doctor reveals that he ate the Nomi Nomi no Mi, which grants him infinite knowledge, and that the area known as the Punk Records is where he is stored. As Vegapunk explains about her satellites, Bonney attempts to exact revenge, but the weapon fails on her. After talking to Luffy about Momonosuke’s Devil Fruit, Vegapunk reveals that an ancient giant robot attacked the Mary Geois 200 years ago. While Shaka explains to Sanji’s group how this robot’s power source is unknown and cannot be reproduced, Vegapunk reveals to Luffy that he has something to give Bonney and asks Luffy to lead him away from Egghead.
When they receive word of CP0’s arrival, and upon learning of her presence, they decide to eliminate Bonney as well. Shaka then decides to prepare for battle. Meanwhile, on Momoiro Island, Kuma strangely begins to run away from the revolutionary army.
Bonney asks Dr. Vegapunk what happened to his head considering how huge it used to be the last time they saw each other. Vegapunk simply says that he cut it, leaving her amazed that he can compare his head to simple hair. Vegapunk explains that he ate the Nomi Nomi no Mi, a Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows him to store every minute detail of knowledge, causing his brain to constantly grow with all new information. It’s true that he was already born a genius, the Devil Fruit just spread it.
Chopper is left in awe of Vegapunk’s claim that his brain is still growing, even separated from his head, while Luffy wonders if he became stupid after being cut open, which irritates Vegapunk. He explains that the apple attached to his head is an antenna and transmits information to the rest of his brain, which is contained in the back of a giant egg on the island called “Punk Records”. Vegapunk also explains that each of the satellites is a clone of him, each containing an exact copy of one of his personalities, increasing the amount of work he can do, and that he synchronizes his experience and knowledge through the Punk Records once a day. Jinbe believes it’s because they all share the same brain as him.
Vegapunk says that Punk Records is a lot like a giant library in that people all over the world can access his brain and help themselves to his incredible knowledge. He also believes that if humanity could constantly update the Punk Records, it could create a sea of ​​knowledge far beyond his brain that he could share with the world. Chopper gushes over Vegapunk’s accomplishments while Jinbe asks if he would run into problems with the ideology, which Vegapunk says Vegapunk shouldn’t focus too much on if one wants to advance science. However, Bonney becomes upset and tells Vegapunk that he is still the same as the last time they met: a man who is willing to sacrifice everything for science, like her father Bartholomew Kuma. She pulls out the beam saber she picked up earlier on Vegapunk, despite his claim that it was a failed product. She demands that he turn Kumu back to normal, while Jinbe tries to calm her down by reminding her how many enemies she’ll make by killing the smartest man alive. Vegapunk then tells Bonney that the reason the beam saber is a failed product is because it constantly attracts insects, and as if on cue, several of them swarm to her, causing her to pass out from shock.
Chopper tries to check on her as Vegapunk admits that Bonney has every reason to want him dead, but changes the subject to his Artificial Devil Fruit since he heard rumors that there was a dragon other than Kaidou in Wano. Luffy confirms this when Vegapunk tells him that he considers it a failed experiment, even though he spent twenty years researching Kaidou’s Lineage Factor. However, Luffy states that the Devil Fruit is not a failure as it allowed Momonosuke to have the same abilities as Kaidou himself. However, Vegapunk reveals that he considers this a failure as the dragon’s color is pink as opposed to Kaidou’s azure, causing Jinbe to label him as a stubborn perfectionist.
Luffy asks Vegapunk if he can move the large robot they found because he thinks he built it, but Vegapunk tells him no. It also reveals that it once invaded Mary Geoise 200 years ago and was built over 900 years ago. Vegapunk himself doesn’t know why he was built, but he does know that he was unable to destroy the Mary Geois because he ran out of energy. Researchers at the time wondered where it came from and what its purpose was, but the World Government ordered it to be destroyed. However, scientists hid it so that they could study it further across generations.
In the Labophase, it was revealed that the thing Shaka wanted to show the Straw Hats was the ancient robot itself, and that they saw and heard everything the real Vegapunk said. Robin notes that 200 years ago the discrimination between the Pisces Men began, and Shaka tells everyone that they built the large robot that Lilith piloted earlier, the Vegaforce-01, based on everything they learned from the ancient robot. His only problem is his inability to replicate his power source. At this point, the crew is relieved to see that Luffy is okay. Back with the original Vegapunk, the former admits that he hurt Bonney, to which Luffy agrees, but says that there is something he wants to give her. He then asks Luffy if he can help him escape from Egghead.
Off the coast of the island, CP0 arrives and requests permission to port. Stussy says that Jewelry Bonney is also on Egghead, who Rob Lucci says is poisoned that has run away several times. However, they no longer see any use in her and decide to kill her if they come across her. Pythagoras tells Shak that the World Government is here and they have CP0 with them, including Rob Lucci. Lilith suggests that he be allowed in, but Usopp and Nami demand that he not be allowed in due to their earlier dealings with him. Shaka tells Pythagoras to hold them back and refuse their request.
On Momoiro Island, Kuma goes into motion and confuses the revolutionary army. Although he can’t move properly, he still tries to run away, collapsing and getting up several times. This causes Dragon and Ivankov to ask him to stay as their battle as a revolutionary army now begins.

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