One Piece Manga Chapter 1070

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As Luffy and Lucci continue to fight, Sentomaru is barely conscious, allowing the Seraphim to continue attacking Lucci’s group. As Vegapunk explains the secret of the Artificial Devil Fruits, S-Snake provides Luffy’s group with a means of escape as Bonney awakens as he heads to Labophase. However, with Sentomaru now fully unconscious, CP0 has full control over Seraphim as Kizaru is elsewhere making his own preparations to invade Egghead.
Luffy runs to Sentomaru and apologizes for distracting him. However, Sentomaru tells Luffy that he anticipated Luccia’s attack but was not fast enough to block it. Lucci tells Sentomaru that she needs him out of the picture if CP0 is to take command of Seraphim. As he tries to attack him again, he is intercepted by Luffy, who turns around and slams Lucci far into the wall with a move the former calls the Gomu Gomu no Dawn Whip.
Jinbe calls out to Luffy and tells him that they need to get to the real vegapunk to save Atlas, but Luffy ends up spinning so hard that he can’t stop it, and even inadvertently goes in the opposite direction of his. the crew. Meanwhile, Seraphim continues to push CP0, with Kaku saying that they are unstoppable and even if they destroyed them, they would still consider it a loss. Stussy even adds that the scariest aspect of it all is that the Seraphim are still just children.
Up at Labophase, Franky asks Vegapunk if the ability S-Shark is using is the Sui Sui no Mi that Senor Pink ate, and if that means Senor Pink is now dead since there can’t be two users on the same Devil Fruit. same time. Vegapunk tells Franky that Senor Pink is actually alive and trapped in Impel Down, and Franky responds by asking if Vegapunk copied his Devil Fruit. Vegapunk clarifies that he is only capable of replicating Zoan Devil Fruits, which he considers a vastly different (and more acceptable) process from Caesar Clown’s SMILE production. He also says that with unlimited resources, he could even replicate special Zoan fruits, though he’s not sure if he can make them awaken. He says he tried to replicate the Logia fruit but found it very complicated. However, he found an alternative method for the Paramecia fruit to replicate their powers by synthesizing the blood from the Paramecia user’s Lineage Factor, the “green blood” that is currently flowing through S-Shark, S-Bear, and S-Snake, allowing the latter two to use Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and Mero Mero no Mi. Vegapunk concludes that the Seraphs are the culmination of all his thoughts and may go down in history as the most powerful beings to ever exist in the world. Franky is left stunned when Nami realizes that this was the reason the Seven Sea Warriors were canceled, while Usopp panics at the nature of what Vegapunk has just created, with Sanji and Robin even adding that they consider the Seraphim a threat. them.
Down in the Fabriophase, Lucci recovers and attacks Sentomaru again, but Luffy catches him again and tries to bite him. Lucci sidesteps him and Luffy fires the debris he was chewing at Lucci, who either tries to dodge or destroy. Luffy then backs into the tube he’s making the rubber from and fires a rocket speed shot at Lucci in a move he calls Gomu Gomu no Dawn Rocket, nailing him right in the chest. Lucci flies again as she calls Luffy’s Devil Fruit insanely powerful and that he’s starting to lose consciousness. Chopper and Jinbe are then directed by S-Snake to the Vacuum Rocket, which takes them to Labophase. Jinbe thanks her and says it’s nice to see a kind version of Bo Hancock for a change, though S-Snake claims she was just following orders.
Just a minute before the vacuum rocket takes off, Chopper calls Luffy again. Sentomaru tells Luffy that he trusts Vegapunk with him and his crew and promises to help him escape. Luffy then heads to the rocket and changes back to normal. Rocket speed ends up waking up Jewelry Bonney as they arrive about 32 seconds in. The rocket is then shut down and the Frontier Dome is fortified, with all researchers told to barricade themselves until the intruders are dealt with. As for Sentomaru, he eventually passes out, which now means that CP0 can command the Seraphim. Stussy suggests they wait for the marines, but Lucci says it will take too long. All they can do now is block the exits to ensure that neither Vegapunk nor the straw pirates escape.
As for the Straw Hats, Nami questions why the World Government wants Vegapunk dead when he is such a valuable ally to them, to which Vegapunk says that they are afraid he will turn his vast intellect against them, even though he never had any such intentions. However, Usopp and Franky agree to let Vegapunk aboard their ship, with Franky especially gushing at the idea of ​​Vegapunk controlling his ship. Meanwhile, Luffy’s group manages to find a place to seal Atlas as Bonney leaves to face Vegapunk again, saying that if he can’t turn her father back to normal, she has no choice but to kill him, though the others noted that she just exploded with rage.
At sea, Kizaru heads to Egghead with a fleet of warships. He says that in theory the Straw Hats’ union with Vegapunk will allow for an easy escape, but he doesn’t intend for that to be the case.

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