One Piece Manga Chapter 1071

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While Kuma appears on the Red Line, both CP0 and the Vegapunk forces are busy formulating their strategy. As Bonney is still raging at Vegapunk, Labophase’s defense system mysteriously fails. During this opportunity, Kaku tries to destroy the Thousand Sunny, but is stopped by Zoro. With the defenses restored and Bonney demanding that Vegapunk restore her father Kum to normal, the Kid Pirates arrive at their destination of Elbaf. Meanwhile, Garp arrives on G-14 to lead a mission to rescue Koby.
Bartholomew Kuma crashes into the Red Line and falls into the Red Port. His sudden return after escaping from Mary Geoise throws the residents of the harbor into confusion and turmoil. When he gets up despite his body damage, the announcement advises citizens to avoid him and evacuate the area. The Marines are contacted to confront him as his current programming and purpose are unknown.
On Egghead, despite ordering the soldiers and Seraphim to block all possible escape routes, Rob Lucci says the Frontier Dome is a real nuisance to him. Stussy asks Luca if she’s serious about ignoring the marines’ order to wait for backup. Lucci confirms that he does not recognize Luffy as emperor. Meanwhile, in Labophase, Shaka comments that CP0 is blocking all exits and has most likely destroyed any ships they could have used to escape. However, Lilith is excited at the prospect of fighting back and taking revenge on Atlas, but Pythagoras points out that CP0 cannot reach them. Shaka advises Lilith not to go after them. Edison announces a new idea for an invention while York asks if anything fun is going on.
Lilith asks Shaka why they can’t fight back, and Shaka tells her that their main goal is to make sure Dr. Vegapunk, who is the main body, escaped unharmed. As such, he considers himself and the other satellites expendable (a statement Vegapunk himself seems to disagree with), but feels that Lilith escaping on her own will cause more trouble. Vegapunk apologizes to Sentomaru for what happened to him. When Pythagoras mentions another ally on the island, Edison advises against it, as calling said ally would mean they would have nowhere to hide if they end up in the World Government’s sights. However, Vegapunk calls out for an ally and they respond that they will help as they have been waiting for this day. Edison notes that escaping should be easy now, and Lilith says she’ll take everyone to the port with Vegaforce-01. Vegapunk then turns to the Straw Hats (whom he has finally freed) and requests that all seven of them be taken to the Thousand Sunny with mixed feelings from the crew.
Meanwhile, inside the lab, Luffy and Chopper chase after Jewelry Bonney, who mistakenly believes that Vegapunk used the bugs against her on purpose. Luffy tries to stop her as he promised to help Vegapunk escape unharmed just as he hears the noise. For some reason the Frontier Dome’s defenses shut down. CP0 takes advantage of this sudden disruption and infiltrates Labophase. After seeing the Thousand Sunny, Kaku attempts to destroy it with the Rankyaku “Amane Dachi”, but is blocked by Zoro, who was awakened from his slumber in response. Kaku is surprised to see his old adversary again. As the satellites get the Frontier Dome back online, they realize it was too late to keep CP0 out. They also note that if they don’t do something, they may lose their ride off the island, which means they may have to defend themselves.
Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe eventually reunite with the rest of the crew, and Luffy learns that they plan to leave soon. He asks if they’ve seen Bonney, and Robin realizes that Dr. Vegapunk is missing. As it turns out, Bonney is being chased by Vegapunk, who desperately begs her to listen to what he has to say. Bonney refuses and demands to know if Vegapunk can turn Kumu back to the way he was. Vegapunk admits that this is not possible, but adds that there is a reason for this.
Somewhere in the New World, the Kid Pirates find themselves near Elbaf, while at the G-14 Marine HQ, Doll tells Monkey D. Garp that he can’t afford to spare any of his men, especially when he plans to face Blackbeard. Garp tells her not to be so uptight when she asks if he’s done his mission with the brass, which he says he hasn’t to her dismay. Still, he announces that he has already arrived at the base, and then calls Helmepp. The former tells Garp that Koby has been kidnapped and how helpless he feels that he couldn’t stop it, but Garp tells him to get on board as he plans to launch an attack on Hachinosa to rescue him.

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