One Piece Manga Chapter 1073

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After taking down Kaku, Stussy also takes down Lucci and is revealed to be a Vegapunk spy. Zoro helps fend off S-Hawk, allowing Edison and Lilith to regain control of the Seraphim. Meanwhile at the Sphinx, Marco learns that the marines invaded while he was gone, but Weevil fought them off. Miss Buckin tells him that Ryokugyu captured Weevil during the invasion, so she wants Marco to get him back. Back at Egghead, Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, meets with Kizaru to discuss vegapunk.
Although completely caught off guard by Stussy’s sudden betrayal, Rob Lucci moves to attack her, but she uses Kami-e “Zanshin” to sidestep him and rams her lipstick tube – which contains a piece of Seastone – into his neck to prevent him from transforming. Stussy then bites Lucci’s neck, putting him to sleep as well. Zoro and Brook are both left speechless by this surprising turn of events as Stussy contacts Shaka to inform him that she incapacitated both agents, revealing that she was the ally that Dr. Vegapunk had previously reached out. The rest of the Straw Hats are amazed that Vegapunk was able to smuggle his own spy into the World Government’s intelligence branch without them ever knowing her true identity, though Shaka reveals that he never intended to join them.
Despite Stussy removing the threat, Shaka tells her that her authority is equal to Lucci’s, so she cannot override his orders or stop the Seraphim. However, Edison tells Stussy to back off and let him and Lilith deal with the seraph. Zoro and Brook also try to stop them just as Lilith leaves the lab. Just as she is about to give the order, S-Hawk notices her and tries to kill her, but Zoro protects her by confronting S-Hawk. Seizing the opportunity, Edison orders the Seraphim to stand just as the S-Shark tries to shoot him. Fortunately, Sanji saves him and the Seraphim eventually retreat. Stussy then informs Shak that she has tied Lucci and Kaku to Seastone and he asks Stussy to join them, which she accepts. Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper wander around the lab looking for Bonney and Vegapunk.
Meanwhile, in Sphinx, Whitebeard’s hometown, Marco is informed by the people that while he was gone, marines have invaded, trying to get Whitebeard’s treasure, with some people calling the group no different from other pirates. The leader of the attack was Marine Captain Ratel, who showed no remorse when he told the people of Sphinx that since they were not affiliated with the World Government, he would not hesitate to kill them all to obtain Whitebeard’s treasure. To prove his point, he tried to shoot an old lady who was slandering him, but luckily he was blown away by an unexpected savior in the form of Edward Weevil.
Weevil’s phenomenal strength ensured that the invading marines were forced to retreat, if only to wait for backup to handle him. Marco thanks Weevil for his actions when his mother, the original Miss Buckingham Stussy (now known as Miss Buckin), appears and tells him that Admiral Ryokugyu was sent to aid the Marines and that Weevil was eventually captured as a result. She tells Marco to save Weevil and find Whitebeard’s inheritance for her, but Marco’s tone suggests that he doubts Buckin’s claim that Weevil is Whitebeard’s son. This causes Buckin to say that the only one who can confirm her words is none other than Dr. Vegapunk himself.
Meanwhile, Admiral Kizaru is accompanied by one of the five elders: Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. Kizaru asks him if he has ever met Vegapunk before and he says that he met him a long time ago and now he feels that what is happening now is a shame.

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