One Piece Manga Chapter 1074

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The partially restored Sentomaru dispatches a large number of Pacifist Mark III units to deal with the remaining World Government representatives. Meanwhile, after Shaka informs the Straw Hat Pirates of the situation, the group sets out to find Vegapunk, except for Luffy and Zoro, who are in charge of watching over the unconscious Lucci and Kaku. Meanwhile, as Bonney examines Kuma’s memories to discover the truth about why her father became a cyborg, Morgans is revealed to be hiding both Vivi and Wapol from the World Government aboard his airship.
World government officials came under attack from another model of Pacifist, this one capable of generating a “Bubble Shield” from its hands that could defend itself against any attack, calling it the strongest shield that Dr. Created by Vegapunk. Called the “Mark III”, this model far surpasses the prototypes used during the Summit War of Marineford. The attacking Pacifista demands that the agents surrender and move to Factory B. They do so as they question who was able to give the orders. The one responsible is Sentomaru, who has woken up and is currently being treated for his injuries. He realizes that the Frontier Dome has been closed and he can no longer contact Vegapunk, plus the marines have looped their communications so he can’t get any updates. Still, now that he has rebelled, he will continue to do as he pleases. As such, he orders the rest of the Mark III Pacifists to mobilize and ensure that the Straw Hat Pirates along with Dr. They use Vegapunk to escape Egghead Island safely, and also to keep an eye on the coast because the marines are acting strange.
In Labophase, Luffy is resting after all the running around and fighting, which also resulted in his shoes breaking. He asks where Vegapunk and Jewelry Bonney are, to which Shaka says that Bonney is still inside the building because she is being watched all the time. Zoro, Brook and Stussy get inside with their new outfits and Shaka tells everyone present (including Atlas who has been repaired) that Stella has disappeared and also that they have lost control of the Frontier Dome, meaning no one can leave or they will be destroyed by security system.
Shaka tells everyone they need to find Stella while he repairs the Frontier Dome himself. Franky asks if the search would be pointless since he doesn’t appear on any monitors, and Shaka admits that this is true, believing that the Seraphim did some damage that could have rendered their Cameko Surveillance Den Den Mushi either incapacitated , or moved away from it. position, resulting in a blind spot where Stella can be. Pythagoras contacts Shako and tells him that there is no one on the third floor of Building C and asks him to check the others. Nami decides to go and find him, thinking that the faster they do, the faster they can leave the island (and hopes to get some treasure from him). The other Straw Hats and Stussy decide to help find him, but when Zoro decides to go, Sanji and Chopper stop him, knowing he will get lost himself. Luffy and Zoro are therefore left to guard the captured Lucci and Kaku.
Meanwhile, in Nikyu’s room, Bonney finds himself in his father’s memories. She sees him crying as a child, but is unable to do anything as she watches some other people force him to come back, saying they will all die if he doesn’t. Kuma flatly refuses, saying that he would rather die himself. He is caught and beaten by the other humans, where he begs to be saved as Bonney watches tearfully. She is thrown out of her bubble, and she realizes that she needs a strong determination to continue following his memories, determined to make sure she understands everything about her father. As Pythagoras continues his search for Stella, someone approaches him from behind and an explosion is heard in part of the laboratory.
On his news balloon, Morgans received information about what was happening on Egghead. He decides to write an article depicting Luffy as Dr. Vegapunk’s kidnapper while the World Government tries to rescue him. He believes that if the world finds out that the world government is trying to kill a man who has changed the world so much with his achievements, there will be a backlash, and he hopes that the government will reward him by portraying them in a good light. . Nefertari Vivi, who was with him, angrily tells him that Luffy would never do something like kidnapping and expresses her disgust at his newspaper. Wapol, who was also there, begs her to keep her voice down as he fears government agents are watching and listening.
Morgans tells Vivi that she has no right to interfere with his work after she spent the previous day crying her eyes out. He also tells her that he doesn’t care if his stories are lies or the truth as long as they’re funny because he’s the only one who can rock the world.

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