One Piece Manga Chapter 1075

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While the groups are still looking for Vegapunk, Shaka notices that someone is removing the surveillance so they couldn’t easily find Vegapunk. Usopp’s group finds a badly injured Pythagoras, who had to detach his head from his body, who, while surprised, warns the group when the S-Snake appears, petrifies York, and then attacks them. When Luffy’s group is attacked by S-Bear and S-Hawk, Shaka realizes that someone has gained control of Seraphim and tries to kill them all. Reawakened, Lucci and Kaku realize they are also in danger and propose a temporary alliance, much to Luffy and Zoro’s annoyance.
Shaka tries to reach Pythagoras after the explosion he heard but gets no response. He sends Cameko to search the tower, but someone takes it out and cuts the security footage. Luffy realizes that the communication device he is wearing is no longer working as if all communication has been cut off. Luffy tells Shako as he tries to contact the other satellites, but one by one the Camekos all shut down, so he thinks someone else is in Labophase causing trouble.
During the Labophase, everyone is looking for Dr. Vegapunk. In Tower A Floor 3, Nami and Brook are traveling with Edison. Nami avoids the diamonds she finds and wants to keep them despite being told by Edison that their priority is to find Stella. When he tells her that they were created by humans, Nami is left in awe of such accomplishments. On floor 2, Chopper and Robin are with Atlas, who reveals that her face is a mask and can replace any part of her that gets damaged. Robin then notices something, which Atlas reveals is an artificial organ, stunning Chopper, though Robin comments that she thought Vegapunk had been chopped up, making Atlas uncomfortable.
In B Tower, Sanji and Jinbe were walking with Stussy, Sanji swooning over her and asking if she would call him a dog while she flirtatiously reminds him to find Vegapunk. Jinbe acknowledges how huge the part of the lab they’re in is when Stussy reveals they’re in weapons production, so they can’t generate any shockwaves. As for the last group consisting of Usopp, Franky, Lilith, and York, the four of them head to Tower C. They eventually find Pythagoras’ body, though his head is missing. Fortunately, Pythagoras turned out to be okay, having separated his head from his body before he was injured. He starts freaking out about what happened just as York walks over to S-Snake. He tells her to wait outside as Edison has ordered her to stand up, but S-Snake petrifies York instead. Confused, Lilith tries to get her to stop, but S-Snake ignores it and fires a laser at the four. They destroy the bridge they were on and they all fall off, though they land safely. Lilith tries to reach Shako but fails, and when Franky suggests they fight back, Lilith tells him that it is impossible to defeat Serafin.
In Tower A, Luffy and Shaka meet Zoro when they see S-Bear and S-Hawk break into the room. Despite Shako’s attempts to stop them, the two Seraphs open fire. Fortunately, they avoid the attacks and at the same time rescue the unconscious Lucci and Kaku, who were in the Seraphim’s sights. Shaka begins to fear that Vegapunk himself is commanding the Seraphim if the Satellites cannot stop them. He also realizes that someone is trying to kill everyone by trapping them and cutting off communication, and that he has set this situation up very carefully. Lucci and Kaku then wake up and ask Luffy and Zoro to free them both, offering to make a truce and work together to survive. Luffy and Zoro reply with disgusted looks.

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