One Piece Manga Chapter 1079

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The nature of York’s plan was revealed in a flashback when she realized that the World Government would try to eliminate her as well. In the present, as the Blackbeard Pirates ship approaches Egghead, a duel between Kid and Shanks takes place in Elbaf, with the latter easily victorious, and Dorry and Broggy destroy Kid’s ship, leaving the Kid Pirates completely destroyed.
A few hours ago, York learned that the World Government wanted her dead as well, but luckily he has a plan to counter that. He orders the four Seraphim to kill everyone trapped in the lab except for himself, Stella, and their hostages. Recognizing that she is not strong enough to take care of herself if the others found out that she was responsible for driving Seraphim insane, she orders S-Snake to petrify her as York pulls her down and then canceled it. when no one is looking He then tells her the places in the lab he doesn’t want to destroy before sending the Seraphim on their way. Unknown to everyone on the island, a ship belonging to the Blackbeard Pirates arrives from the shore.
In Elbaf, several pirates loyal to Shanks tell Eustace Kid that if he ever wants to see Shanks, he will have to go through them all first. Kid is unconvinced that the pirates standing before him, Captain “Ball Fingers” Gerotini of the Puddle Pirates, Bandleader “Memorial Blade” Fugar of the Social Club, and Princess “Trembling” Pururu of the Bourgeois Pirates are the Red Haired Pirates fleet, but Killer reminds him that in there are some big names in the fleet, so he shouldn’t let his guard down.
Shanks tells the other pirates to evacuate so they don’t get hurt, revealing that despite their reputation as fierce pirates, the Red Pirates’ subordinates are very weak and need the Emperor and his crew to protect them. The underlings cheer for Shanks as he boards his ship. He asks if Kid’s wounds from Wan have fully healed, but Yasopp says he looks good as long as he’s willing to fight. Shanks accepts this and asks for any updates on Blackbeard, where he is told he has left Hachinos, with Shanks commenting that he was sure he would show up in Wano. Afterwards, Shanks gets information about Kid and he calls him a troublemaker. When Kid forms his railgun to launch the Damned Punk at the fleet, Shanks foresees the damage he will cause, warns the fleet to spread out, and tells Dorry and Brogy to watch his rear as he moves towards Kid’s ship. Shanks tries to stop Kid’s attack and approaches Victoria Punk, catching Kid off guard and promptly defeating him with a Kamusari. The Kid Pirates panic when their captain and fighter are taken down and beg Shanks not to kill Kid, even giving up rubbing the Road Poneglyph to calm him down. However, Shanks ignores them and jumps off the ship while Dorry and Brogy perform a combined Hakoku attack, completely destroying Victoria Punk; say the Kid Pirates that if they point a loaded gun at someone’s hometown, they’d rather expect the same fate to befall them.
The Kid Pirates fall into the sea, while the narration says that in Elbaf, the Kid Pirates, led by Eustace “Captain” Kid, who has a bounty of Beli3,000,000,000, were completely destroyed.

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