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Marco is dropped off near Sphinx Island by the Red Hair Pirates. He thanks Shanks for having him hitched before flying off to the island.
In a flashback to Wano Country, Marco saw Yamato tell Luffy and the others his reason for not joining the Straw Hats for now is because he wants to stay and protect Wano. After the incident with Aramaki, Yamato was certain that Wan would be attacked by more powerful people, especially now that Kaido was no longer ruling the country. Luffy accepted his reasons and told Yamato that if he stayed, he wouldn’t have to worry about Momonosuke and the others. With that, Marco flew over the group to tell them that he was going to drive away from Wano. They parted after Luffy thanked him for saving his life during the Summit War of Marineford.
Back in the present on the Amazon Lily, Gloriosa laments how the island has been invaded by men, with part of its mountain cut down and the city heavily damaged. A bandaged boa constrictor, Hancock, tells her that as long as she stays on the island, the marines will return, especially when the Warlord system is taken down.
A few weeks ago, the island was under attack by a fleet of marines who attacked the island’s gates with artillery fire. The Kujas met them with arrows coated with haki. After this counterattack, Koby ordered the deployment of the new Pacifists, the Seraphim, to the battlefront. Two of these winged pacifists appear with fire on their backs. The marines docked on the island and Sweet Pea ran towards them to stop them from advancing. However, she was slapped by one of the Seraphim. The Kui were shocked that what looked like a child could have that much power, and upon closer inspection, said child looked so much like a younger Hancock.
Moments later, Blackbeard’s pirates also arrived on the island, with Blackbeard sending Seaquake towards the Marine ships. Blackbeard along with Vasco Shot and Catarina Devon walked towards the city with the intention of getting Hancock’s devil fruit. The Marines attacked them on their way to the city, but Blackbeard easily neutralized them with his Blackhole powers. They encountered a second Seraphim who resembled a younger Mihawk. Blackbeard noticed Seraph’s white hair, brown skin, and black wings and deduced what it was.
The Seraphim lunged at Blackbeard with their swords, but Blackbeard dodged the attack. The Seraphim attacked Blackbeard again, who blocked it with Busoshoku Haki, but the attack still sent the Emperor flying. This move cut off a large part of the island’s central mountain. However, despite the size of the attack, Blackbeard remained unharmed, although he was very angry and somewhat upset when he discovered that Seraphim was a pacifist. The Seraphim tried to slash him again while several marines arrived on the scene. Seeing this, Blackbeard used Blackhole, causing the Seraphs to jump back to avoid being pulled into the void like the surrounding buildings and marines.
Meanwhile at the palace, Hancock, who had previously refused to heed Koby’s demands to surrender, walked out onto the balcony. She tossed her hair until the hearts of the marines and blackbeard pirates trembled. This allowed her to use the Slave Arrow and turn most of them to stone. The Pacifists attempted to attack Hancock, but their attacks destroyed those who were petrified, so Koby, unaffected by Hancock’s powers, ordered them to stop. Hancock spotted Koby in the crowd and tried to kick him. However, before she could attack, she was caught in the air by Blackbeard who used Black Vortex.
Hancock, whose powers were nullified by Blackbeard’s darkness, demanded that he release her. Blackbeard praised her for turning his subordinates to stone, saying that she wasn’t the Pirate Empress for nothing. Blackbeard expressed his desire to obtain her Devil Fruit, but she told him that her powers were nothing without her beauty. She added that if he killed her, his people would remain petrified and the next user would not be able to undo the petrification.

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