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In the past, Monkey D. Garp asks a class of Marine Corps recruits what they would do if they were on a boat and could only bring a child or an old man on board. Koby says he’ll let them both ride in the boat while he gets out, but Garp throws a tag at him and tells him that’s the wrong answer. Garp explains that the child should be saved because the old man doesn’t have much time left to live. He adds that the most important thing the Marines should be trying to protect is the future of humans, meaning the survival of babies and young people like Koby is more important than the survival of an old man. He is later expelled for his lecture and told that all lives are equal, but Garp insists that the future of young people is limitless.
A few weeks ago on Amazon Lily, Blackbeard ended up kidnapping 800 marines and stealing a battleship. However, Koby approached Blackbeard with a proposal: to surrender in exchange for the release of the soldiers and the ship, which Blackbeard eventually accepted. In the present, all the marines on Garp’s ship are panicking as Avalo Pizarro is trying to crush them with a giant hand made from the island. None of the guns work against it, so Tashigi orders everyone to abandon ship and protect the civilians.
On Koby Island, they are still panicking about Pizarro’s threat, but Garp tells him, Prince Grus, and Helmepp that the three of them can save their allies together. Garp explains that he will provide an opening, Koby will destroy Pizarro’s hand, Grus will protect the ship from the debris of the resulting destruction, and Helmeppo must make sure no one interferes with Koby or Grus. Just as Koby is about to tell him that they can’t do such a thing, Garp stops him and tells him that they have to be able to make decisions like that on the fly. Immediately, the three take off with the other pirates in hot pursuit. Grus asks if Koby has any weapons to stop Pizarro, to which Koby says no and will have to make do.
Helmeppo uses himself as a shield to prevent Koby and Grus from hitting one of the pirates’ cannon while Garp gets up. Kuzan asks him where he plans to go with such injuries, but Garp merely calls them scratches as he attacks his former student, knocking him down and quickly making his way to the large skull rock that Pizarro was examining. Pizarro tries to intimidate Garp into standing up, but fails as Garp uses a powerful attack called Galaxy Divide to split the rock formation down the middle while simultaneously damaging Pizarro’s main body. With Pizarro’s arm now raised, Koby gets the promised opening and leaps into the air.
Meanwhile, Garp remembers talking to Helmepp about how Koby is getting better but always has bandages around his hands. Helmeppo explains that he was asked to keep quiet by Koby, but eventually reveals to Garp that he has been training extensively in private to be one of the best marines. He even went so far as to use Garp’s pouches on the battleship to enhance his power, punching them so far that his fists bled. Back in the present, Koby comes face-to-face with Pizarro’s hand as all his friends beg him to run away with them, but in a shocking turn of events, Koby unleashes the Honesty Impact, a blow that splits Pizarro’s entire hand in half.
As Pizarro recoils in pain, everyone else is stunned by Koby’s incredible performance. Helmeppo catches him while Grus uses Gunyo no Su to create a clay web to catch the debris. The three make it aboard the ship and the marines celebrate when Garp calls them to say the mission was a success. When Tashigi asks him to hurry back, Garp instructs everyone to leave the island, assuring them that he can save himself and that their safety is the highest priority. He also tells them that this event will become known as a threat to all pirates as he calls them “the future of the Marines”. Koby immediately wants to go back for him, but Grus refuses to disobey Garp’s order.
After Kuzan is impaled by an ice sword that also freezes him, Garp lies on the ground, but only laughs as the other Blackbeard Pirates surround him. The narration then reveals that the main headlines in tomorrow’s paper were Koby’s rescue, Garp’s disappearance, and Monkey D. Luffy barricading himself on Egghead, which is being approached by a fleet of naval warships.

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