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Luffy calls the Five Elders and introduces himself while confirming that he and his crew are allies of Dr. Vegapunk and if they care about York’s safety, they should withdraw their fleet from shore. Mars asks Luffy who is currently living with him in Labophase, but just as Luffy is about to tell him, Robin makes him stop, telling him that they can’t give the enemy any information about their status. Luffy apologizes and asks if he will back off, but Usopp tells him to stop dreaming.
Saturn says they need to protect three things: York, Punk Records, and the power plant needed to make the Mother Flame; everything else is expendable. Dobrman reminds Saturn that several of their Cipher Pol agents are still on the island, but Saturn explains that he is considering the worst case scenario and that he must prioritize the safety of the most important things. But he adds that the Doberman shouldn’t think of humans as different from insects; if their number decreases, they will be replenished over time. In the end, the Doberman accepts Saturn’s wishes.
Back in Labophase, York tells everyone that if they hurt her now that she’s made a deal with the World Government, Egghead will be completely destroyed just like Ohara. However, her words earned her a slap on the head from Nami, who Zoro tries to calm down. Chopper asks Robin if her injuries have healed and she confirms it. While this is happening, Kaku is seen resting from his injuries, Luffy and Bonney are eating, and Usopp is trying to get in touch with the underground basement. Lucci notes that both Shaka and Pythagoras are destroyed, while Lilith, Edison, and Atlas are badly injured. Kaku asks him what he’s doing and Lucci just says he’s talking to himself.
Usopp manages to get the comms working and asks the now free Cipher Pol agents if they are okay. It turned out that they provided the agents with food, for which most of them were deeply grateful. They ask to be freed, but Usopp says they can’t do that, and instead they ask to be pushed away from the Seraphim. The four Seraphim were revealed to be contained within bubbles made of the same material as the bubble shields used by the Pacifista Mark III, as they have the same properties as the Seastone. S-Snake tells the agents that neither of them have been ordered to kill them, so they don’t have to worry about them, much to their relief.
Franky then thanks S-Snake for freeing him, Lilith, and Usopp, while Dr. Vegapunk wonders why she did that when he never programmed her to act like that. It is revealed that Luffy crossed paths with S-Snake and mistook her for Hancock, after which he asked her to free his friends, which she did, having somehow inherited Hancock’s true love for Luffy, which Dr. Vegapunk remarked. . Luffy thanks S-Snake one more time (which he mistakes as a declaration of love, much like the real Hancock would), while Atlas tells Dr. Vegapunk that he still can’t open the Frontier Dome, meaning they’re still trapped. York smugly tells them that she locked everything with a password that she didn’t share with any of them.
Stussy says Dr. Vegapunk that they are surrounded as he talks to Nami and tells her that they should go in one of the directions her Log Pose noted in Wano. Nami notices that one of the needles points northeast of Egghead, and Dr. Vegapunk says this leads to Elbaf, much to Luffy and Usopp’s delight. Dr. Vegapunk says that the crew is lucky that their ship is on the Labophase Stratum, but since the entire coast is blocked by naval ships, they won’t be able to leave there. Instead, he says they need to head northeast to the other side of the island where there aren’t as many ships blocked. He says the Vegaforce-01 can potentially carry them and their ship through the blockade, but it can only fly in Egghead’s airfield, after which it falls. Fortunately, Franky tells him that they can use the Thousand Sunny’s Coup de Burst ability to transport them the rest of the way, which Dr. Vegapunk was intrigued.
Atlas admits that the plan is correct, but reminds them that the Frontier Dome won’t let them leave, York says again that they will never get the password out of her. Unfortunately for her, Vegapunk, Atlas and Edison get to work trying to crack the code. As for Lilith, Dr. Vegapunk put her in command of Vegaforce-01 and she began heading towards the mech with Luffy, Bonney, and Franky joining her. Lilith leaves the island for the first time in her life while Luffy says that he will miss the food on this island. Bonney shares this sentiment and they should bring some, but Luffy tells her that Sanji can just cook for them, much to her delight. Luffy then asks Bonney why she’s in such a good mood now, and she says that she feels better, that she doesn’t want to kill Dr. Vegapunk anymore.
With the fleet, Saturn is informed of the situation of Lucca, who somehow manages to contact him. Saturn asks Kizaru if he can just slip past the Frontier Dome with his powers, but Kizaru tells him that Sentomaru is watching over him. Saturn tells him to ignore him, but Kizaru says that would be against his own ideals. He adds that if they start their attack, Sentomaru will probably order the Sea Beast and Pacifist weapons to attack. Saturn asks about the power plant and Kizaru admits that Lucci gave them the information. With that the ships get into battle formation with the Rokushiki users being put on standby as the attack is about to begin and the bombardment unit is told to target the Sea Beast’s guns instead of the Pacifist.
Luffy’s group reaches the Thousand Sunny and Vegaforce-01, just as Kizaru uses Yata no Kagami to reach the island. Sentomaru intercepts him as Luffy senses Kizaru’s power and says that someone strong is coming.

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