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Titled “Punch Drunk,” One Piece Chapter 1093 is packed with action and revelations:
Straw Hat Escape Plans:
Lilith takes control of the Franky Shogun to take the Thousand Sunny towards Jinbe, while Vegapunk and the others continue their journey inland.
Sentomaru is saved by Bonney, but passes out. Bonney fights the marines until Zoro intervenes in a firefight against the awakened Lucca.
luffy vs. Kizaru:
Luffy throws Kizaru into the sea, but the admiral returns with light clones, confusing Luffy.
Kizaru concentrates on attacking Vegapunk’s transport, the Vega Tank, but Luffy stops him.
In a shocking twist, Luffy appears to absorb and redirect Kizaru’s light attacks, allowing the Vega tank to reach its target.
Tide Change:
Vegapunk and Atlas arrive at the “Fabirio Phase”, key to changing the Pacifist’s orders.
Atlas successfully overrides Kizar’s orders and turns the pacifists against the marines.
But a new threat appears:
The chapter ends with a chilling scene: Saturn, a member of the Gorosei and the main powerful figure, arrives at Egghead with a sinister look.
Other points:
Vegapunk comments on Bonney’s age and hints at a mysterious story.
Franky heads to the Fabrio Phase for an unknown purpose.
The true motive behind Kizaru’s attack remains unclear.
Overall, Chapter 1093 is a major turning point:
Luffy shows off a new, surprising ability against Kizaru.
The Straw Hats gain control over the pacifists.
However, the arrival of Saturn presents a significant new threat and sets the stage for even more intense conflicts.
This is only a brief summary and there are many more details and nuances to be explored in the chapter itself. I hope this gives you a good overview of the exciting events of One Piece Chapter 1093!

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