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Low-ranking marines are told to keep their distance from the center, while vice-admirals and rear-admirals are left behind, the reason being that lower-ranking soldiers are not “worthy” of being in Saturn’s presence. Some marines react to his arrival with shock and confusion, while others prepare to open fire on Bonney for stabbing Saturn. However, Saturn orders everyone to stand up, saying that if he didn’t want to get stabbed, he would have ducked. He forces Bonney away by shooting something out of his eyes, grabs her, and pulls out his sword as well. Sanji tries to help her, but is injured by the same attack and falls to the ground. To Franky’s shock, the wound Saturn receives heals immediately.
Some marines try to take advantage of the situation and capture Dr. Vegapunk, but Saturn orders them to stop, saying they have nowhere to run. He then insults Kizaru for taking so long to work, and Kizaru feebly apologizes that he won’t be able to move for a while. Realizing why this is the case, Saturn walks over to Luffy, who he immediately tries to stab with one of his legs. Franky luckily pushes Luffy out of the way with a Strong Right and then grabs him and brings him back to his side. Saturn acknowledges the power of the Straw Pirates while Franky laughs that it was interesting, even the world leaders want Luffy dead.
Saturn says Luffy and Bonney’s presence on Egghead was unexpected, but they are surrounded and the island is on the brink of destruction, though he would like to see them try to escape. Says Dr. Vegapunk that he is disappointed by his “betrayal” but thanks him for his contributions. He then says that he wants everyone present to die in the most painful way possible for defying the world government, and questions why when people are told not to do something, they do it anyway. All the while, she grips Bonney tighter, causing her pain, but no one can help her as she holds everyone down, which Vegapunk suspects is due to his Devil Fruit power.
Bonney looks at Saturn and tells him that he killed her father, but Saturn reveals that Kuma was born a slave and a member of the Buccaneers, who he says committed a heinous crime, and now they are all extinct with Kuma alone. Survivor. He then holds Bonney in the air and orders the marines to aim for her head as Sanji and Vegapunk demand that he stop. In Bonney’s mind, she remembers Kuma telling her that a long time ago, Kuma wanted to become a hero to save people from suffering like Nika. Bonney asks if Nika would free her too, and Kuma confidently says he will.
A flashback begins 47 years ago. In the Sorbet Kingdom, Bartholomew Kuma was born to a buccaneer man named Clapp and a human woman. Against Clapp’s wishes, information about his blood was leaked to the world government, causing them all to be captured and enslaved by the world’s nobles. Kuma was worked to the bone and beaten by his master, and one day his father told him that his mother had died. Kuma has a complete breakdown, but his father tells him that the liberation warrior, Nika, will save him one day, so he must hold on. He started dancing and singing to Nika’s heartbeat to cheer him up, but was then shot because he was too loud.
A few years later, in West Blue, the World Nobles held a three-year tournament during which they wiped out the entire population of the island. The venue for this year’s tournament was God Valley, which was not affiliated with the world government and despised by the world nobles because of its name. Their goal was to kill all the people on the island and some of their inconvenient slaves and then claim the island and its rich resources in the name of world government. The king tried to stop them, but was killed by Figarland Garling, who suffered a massive deduction, yet felt it would give the other contestants a good handicap.
Saturn was present during the event and was informed that Kuma had been recaptured after attempting to escape. The ones who did, however, were other slaves who told him that if he ran, the others would die too. They were only stopped by the arrival of young Emporio Ivankov and his sister Ginny. Noticing Kuma, he said he heard the Buccaneers shared the blood of giants. Ivankov proudly declared that he would live on and asked if Kuma would do the same.

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