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Eight years have passed since the God Valley incident, and Kuma, now 17 years old, continued to live peacefully in the Sorbet Kingdom, using his powers to push people’s pain out of their bodies, earning him great respect from the old people. They asked if he could do it for them on weekdays, but Ginny, now 21, was adamant that she could only do it for them on Sundays. It also bothered her that these people treated the church like a camp or a hospital and didn’t even pay for its services. But the ancients laughed at her avarice, and reasoned that her foul mouth did not prevent many men from professing their love for her, for she was quite beautiful. Some other people asked about Kuma and said that his face calmed them down. Kuma was touched by this, though Ginny retorted that she was pampering those people too much. One of the old people stated that they would pay if they could, but the Heavenly Tribute made it difficult for them to come up with the money.
It turns out that the Sorbet Kingdom got a new king named Bekori and he was considered a cold-blooded tyrant who sent sick people who couldn’t pay the tax to a horrible prison where they eventually starved to death because he refused. Feed them. In short, people saw him as caring more about what the world’s nobles said than the voices of the people he was supposed to protect. Kuma told his patients that he would continue to treat them for mild pain and nausea, so they could come every week, which they deeply appreciated.
At night, once all the humans had left, Kuma took the bubble of pain and sickness he removed from the humans and took it into his body, causing him great discomfort and grieving Ginny deeply. As Ginny nursed him, she tearfully told him that no one knew he was doing this to himself. Kuma said he had no choice because if someone didn’t accept the pain bubble, it would eventually return to the person it came from. But it made people happy and that was more than enough for him. He apologized to her for causing her worry and the two ate together.
Five years later, Ginny proposed to Kuma, but he rejected her, much to her chagrin, as she believed she could make him happy. However, Kuma stated that he already was, but in reality he feared that his buccaneer blood might make him suffer the same way he and his mother did. He moved the topics to discuss the Freedom Fighters and the protests they were starting in every kingdom, and now the World Government had finally issued an arrest warrant for them. Noticing Monkey D. Dragon, Kuma states that he finds him to be a cold person and that one day he will go to sea and spend his life helping others. He then went to get some fish that other would-be suitors had brought to Ginny, much to her chagrin.
Three years later, Kuma demanded that the kingdom’s soldiers return all the people they had kidnapped, but they refused, saying that according to the law they could use them as they saw fit. Enraged, Kuma attacked them, causing him to be labeled a traitor. King Bekori was revealed to have split the Sorbet Kingdom in two: The northern half of the island was the “true” kingdom for people who could pay heavenly tribute, while everyone else who earned too little was cut off and lived in the “Lawless”. Area.” As a result of Kuma’s defiance, he was imprisoned and Ginny and several others who tried to help him followed suit. Kuma knew that if this policy continued, this kingdom would discriminate against others, and Ginny said that if they fought against the king , who was under the thumb of the world nobles, it would be the equivalent of fighting against the entire world government.
However, freedom fighters invaded Sorbet and deposed Bekori, abolishing the slave policy and freeing the kingdom from oppressive rule. Dragon and Ivankov then find Kuma locked up and he invites him to join and change their world for the better. Together, Drak, Ivankov, and Kuma reformed the Freedom Fighters as a revolutionary army after the Ohara incident, turning their small protests into a full-scale rebellion. Lacking funds, they became mercenaries lending their services to other rebellions against their oppressors, and Dragon offered to train anyone who chose to join. Kuma was surprised that Drak knew how to use weapons and stated that he once served in the Marines but quit because he saw no “justice” there. Ivankov commented that Drak only wanted to help people, and Kuma professed his loyalty to him, which Drak accepted.
Eight years later, Ginny, who had also joined the army and served as a captain, expressed her joy at meeting Kum’s division. Unfortunately, she was captured by an unexpected enemy and Dragon was quickly informed of this emergency.

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