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On Baltigo, a request is sent to HQ for backup from South Blue as the Revolutionary Army stationed there is fighting the Tumi Rebellion. Ivankov replies that they can’t because they are busy with the wounded in the kingdom of Goa. However, Kuma says that he can go, but Ivankov warns him that he is rash, even stating that he has become more reckless since “that day”. Ginny is revealed to have been captured by the world government and forced to become the wife of a world noble, causing Kuma to be constantly enraged.
Two years pass and Ginny ends up contacting the military, only to report to their horror that she’s fallen ill, which is why they kicked her out of the Holy Land. Her reason for calling was to inform them of this and that she would be saying goodbye to them. Kuma begs her to tell him where she is so he can go to her, but she tells him she’s dying and he shouldn’t see it. Kuma still stands his ground and immediately heads to the only place he knew he would be: a chapel in the Sorbet Kingdom. However, when he arrives, it is too late; she died People told him that when her skin was exposed to sunlight, her entire body turned blue and hardened like stone, but the only reason she could burn the remaining time was to protect something – her little daughter, Bonney. Kuma buries Ginny and promises to raise her child well.
Kuma tried his best to raise little Bonney, who inherited his mother’s appetite, and she quickly came to think of him as her father. Of course, he was still fighting the Revolutionary Army, but he always made time to take care of it. One day she boards up all the church windows, and that’s because Bonney has somehow inherited the same disease that killed Ginny. Kuma brought her to many doctors, but they couldn’t treat her because it’s a strange disease. Eventually, Kuma decides to leave the military to take care of Bonney, which Dragon accepts, even offering to find doctors himself to help him.
When Bonney was five, the kids started making fun of her for never going outside, going so far as to call her a vampire. However, Bonney was able to fight back and punched the kids. Kuma reminds her that it’s dangerous for her to go out, and Bonney apologizes. She then says that the kids also made fun of the rock under her eye, but he told her that it looked like a gem to him and the kids were just jealous, which Bonney likes to hear. While they are playing together, Kuma asks Bonney where she would like to go on a trip when she recovers, and she says that she would like to go to the legendary sky islands because they are so close to the sun so they can meet Nika. Kuma agrees that they can go there for her twentieth birthday, with Fish-Man Island being the destination for her nineteenth birthday.
Unfortunately, Kuma meets a doctor who informs him that the disease Bonney has is “Sapphire Scales” and is incurable, and even if he is not exposed to sunlight, he will likely die within ten years, which breaks Kuma’s heart. As Kuma ponders what to do, Bonney reveals that she overheard him talking to the doctor, and he confirms that her condition will continue until she is ten years old, but his wording causes Bonney to misinterpret the meaning as that she will be cured . by the time she turns ten. Kuma can’t tell her the truth and agrees.
A year later, Kuma is informed by the people that Bekori is once again trying to rid the kingdom of its weak and old people and has now gone completely insane as he tries to burn people in their homes.

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