One Piece Manga Chapter 11

One Piece Manga Chapter 11

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Having cut Buggy to pieces, Zoro turns his back on him and prepares to break Luffy out of his cage. However, Buggy reveals the powers of his devil fruit, Bara Bara no Mi, by stabbing Zoro in the back with his disembodied hands. Zoro turns the cannon that was originally aimed at Luffy back at the Buggy Pirates. The cannon fires and causes massive damage to the roof they were on. Zoro ignores Nami’s complaints about needing to find the key to the cage and instead runs away while carrying the cage. When the Buggy Pirates recover, they find nothing as the fugitives hide on the rooftops instead. Buggy, enraged, declares war on them.
Zoro stands seemingly victorious after dismembering Buggy. However, when he goes to free Luffy from the cage, Buggy’s crew starts laughing. Nami wonders why the crew is doing this when Zoro suddenly finds himself struck in the side by a hand holding a knife. Buggy sails after Zoro when he finds himself in a hand fight and brags about his devil fruit powers, Bara Bara no Mi.
Buggy sees that he missed Zoro’s vital parts, but Zoro is still injured and finds himself in need of saving, even though he originally came to save Luffy. While Nami is simply shocked by the whole thing, Luffy calls Buggy “Big Nose” while claiming he’s crazy for hitting Zoro in the back. Buggy gets angry and sends his hand again, this time to kill Luffy; however, Luffy grabs the knife between his teeth. As Luffy claims to finish Buggy off, Buggy and his crew laugh. Luffy tells Zoro to run, but Nami doesn’t understand. However, Zoro gets an idea of ​​what Luffy will do.
Zoro tries to escape, but Buggy unleashes his Bara Bara no Hou. Zoro heads to the cannon and turns it to face Buggy and his crew. Nami lights the fuse and fires the cannon at the Buggy Pirates, destroying the part of the roof they are on. Zoro asks who Nami is, and while she says she’s just a thief, Luffy tells him she’s their navigator. Nami denies Luffy’s statement and follows them. While Buggy’s crew waits to be counted, Zoro goes after Luffy and ignores the request to find a way to open the cage, grabbing it and taking a break before Buggy fully recovers. Buggy’s crew begin to get their bearings and find all three gone, as well as the key to Luffy’s cage. Buggy’s crew begins to search the city, but Zoro and Luffy are on the roof. A furious Buggy declares war on them.

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