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Saturn demands an explanation from Dr. Vegapunk because a few days after the Revolutionary Army saved Kuma from the Mary Geois, he activated a self-destruct mechanism, so he should be dead. Kumo’s fist lands on Saturn, sending him flying through several buildings that collapse on top of him. The Marines are left in utter disbelief that one of the Five Elders has been attacked by a slave while Kuma falls to his knees.
But thanks to this, everyone can move again. Sanji and Franky rush to take Bonney back to the upper levels of the island so they can escape. Dr. Meanwhile, Vegapunk considers the situation. He reveals that the self-destruct mechanism that Saturn forced him to install was never designed to blow up Kuma because Dr. Vegapunk suspected that Saturn would take advantage of this. The device was simply supposed to shut Kuma down completely and leave him in a vegetative state. This is why Dr. Vegapunk so confused by Kuma’s presence because even if Bonney is in danger, Kuma shouldn’t be able to come. He then begins to speculate that the reason is the Buccaneers’ special strength in addition to their strength. All the while, Kuma hugs his daughter.
Kizaru comments that it’s all over now, Sentomaru is relieved to see his old friend again, and the marines report that Luffy disappeared before they could apprehend him. Bonney thanks Kuma for everything he has done for her, such as writing letters that never arrived for Bonney. She even says that her mother was a wonderful person. She tells him that she doesn’t care if everyone calls him a bully; to her, he is her wonderful and kind-hearted father.
Saturn emerged from the wreckage seething with rage, having also lost one of his horns and his right arm. He demands an explanation, but Dr. Vegapunk simply says that it’s his own fault, though he also suspects that it was ultimately due to love. Saturn scoffs at the notion as his horn and arms regenerate, shocking Sanji. Saturn tries to attack Kuma again as Bonney tells him to get out of the way, but Sanji catches and deflects Saturn’s leg, declaring that he won’t let him hurt Bonney anymore. Franky announces that he and the crew owe Kumo a huge debt as he uses the Radical Beam to blast a hole through Saturn. However, Kizaru appears behind Franky and blasts him away, declaring that he will put the crew’s growth to the test while Saturn’s injury heals.
Bonney tells Dr. Vegapunk that Kuma can’t move, so Atlas carries him, but Kizaru says he needs to pack, especially now that Kuma has arrived. However, Doctor Vegapunk calls Kizaru a sad man without a heart, to which Kizaru agrees that he should have brought a darker pair of shades.
Eventually, Saturn orders Buster Call to completely destroy Egghead, with Dr. Vegapunk’s studies, Kuma’s existence, and Luffy’s power being the only justification he needs to see the island destroyed.

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