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All Marines are ordered back to their ships before the Buster Call can begin. The doll tells Saturn and Kizaru to go back to the ships with them, but Saturn says that the two of them will stay on the island and start the bombardment as soon as possible. The doll hesitates, but Kizaru sternly orders her to leave and she does. Dr. Vegapunk demands to know why Saturn wants to destroy all of Egghead Island if he just came for his life, and claims that if the island is destroyed, he will set humanity back an entire century. He pleads with the two to call off the attack, but Saturn refuses, claiming that Dr. Vegapunk may be hiding more things from the World Government on the island, but he also says that humanity doesn’t need more progress.

Saturn then tells Dr. Vegapunk that he has ordered the ship with all the researchers to be tracked down and destroyed, shocking the scientists. Saturn tries to justify his decision by saying that maybe the scientists knew something about the Century of the Void, so he wanted them all dead so they wouldn’t tell anyone. Dr. Vegapunk shouts that none of them knew anything so they weren’t criminals, but Saturn tells Dr. Vegapunk that it’s his fault for letting them get caught up in his thirst for knowledge.

The pacifists are ordered to remain on the island while the marines board their ships. Sanji tells Franky and Atlas to get to the Vacuum Rocket and reunite with everyone in Labophase. Bonney asks Sanji about Dr. Vegapunk and Sanji assures her that he will be back for them. Once they take off, Sanji contacts Nami and asks about her condition, saying that she told him that they reached the back entrance and asks what happened at the end of it. He tells her what’s going on and she, Chopper and Usopp react fearing that Buster Call is coming. Nami asks Sanji if Luffy is with him, but he says he lost sight of him. Nami also tells him that Zoro is still fighting Lucci and Jinbe was sent to get him. Nami also tells Sanji that Lilith didn’t fall with the others and Brook went to help her move the Thousand Sunny. However, he follows up by revealing that Vegaforce-01 has been completely destroyed, making their previous plan no longer viable.

With the ship, Lilith praises Brook for coming up with the idea to get the ship to the back entrance, which involved the latter freezing the clouds with his powers so the ship could glide. However, when Lilith asks how they plan to stop when they get there, he says he hasn’t thought of that, much to her chagrin, and they both start to panic. Meanwhile, the Buster Call finally begins and much of the Fabriophase is destroyed as Dr. Vegapunk watches helplessly.

To make matters worse, Kizaru destroys the Vacuum Rocket tube, causing everyone to fall out of the air. Sanji moves to save them, but Saturn orders the Pacifist to kill Kuma and Bonney both, calling it a fitting fate for a man who threw his life away so his daughter could live, even going so far as to call Kuma’s struggles the height of insanity. . Dr. Vegapunk watches in horror as his soldiers prepare to shoot the two down. Elsewhere, Luffy has eaten a ton of food made from Dr. Vegapunk’s invention, but he’s also been found by the marines and can’t even move.

Without Dr. Unbeknownst to Vegapunk or Saturn, the ship that was sent to kill the researchers was sunk before it could complete its mission. The surviving marine tries to contact Kizaru to let them know that “they” are coming to Egghead.

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