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Luffy milks it and promptly digests it all, to the shock of the marines surrounding him. They get distracted by the cannon fire, but manage to keep calm long enough to hold Luffy back with the Seastone. Luckily, Luffy immediately switches to Gear Fifth and blasts them away before they can get him.

Back with the other Drs. Vegapunk contacts Atlas and tells her to relay the message to Bonney. Atlas does so and Bonney orders the Pacifist not to shoot them and instead help them escape the island. To the utter horror and shock of the Marines and Saturnians, the Pacifist opened fire on them and became their enemies once again. It turned out that Dr. Vegapunk was so upset at the thought of Kuma and his clones killing Bonney that he programmed them all to obey her, a level of authority that surpasses even the Elder Five. He also knew that this secret would have dire consequences – especially for him, as Saturn impaled Dr. Vegapunk for this defiance.

Bonney and Franky watch in horror as an enraged Saturn orders Kizaru to kill them all immediately. Kizaru teleports over to them and blasts everyone with light beams before creating another lightsaber. He came right in front of Kumo, who was protecting Bonney, and told the two that he would kill them with a single slash so it wouldn’t hurt. However, Luffy arrives on the scene and punches Kizaru away, saving everyone. It also rotates the ground rubber so everyone lands safely.

Bonney runs to Dr. Vegapunk’s side as the Iron Giant starts to stir again. Bonney hears the sound of Luffy’s heart and realizes it sounds like the tune Kuma taught her. Dr. Vegapunk tells her that he was like her at first: he didn’t connect the dots until he saw it for himself, but now he has no doubt that Luffy is indeed Nika’s Sun God. He also states that the Buster Call is now a trivial problem for Luffy, as everyone around the world has been praying for his return for hundreds of years.

In addition, the Marines report that an insanely large ship has arrived on the northeast coast of the island and is mowing them down. It turns out to be Dorry and Brogy who claim to have come to save the Straw Hats, with both giants labeling Luffy as the Sun God.

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