One Piece Manga Chapter 16

One Piece Manga Chapter 16

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While Nami demands that Luffy explain what it is, Buggy and Cabaji emerge unscathed from the ricocheted cannonball attack, using their own crew as a shield. Mohji briefly regains consciousness before being knocked aside by both Buggy and Luffy. Cabaji goes to attack Luffy, but Zoro intercepts the attack. However, due to his earlier injury from Buggy, Zoro is at a disadvantage, but he grows tired of Cabaji attacking his injury and decides to give him a real fight.
Nami demands that Luffy explain more about who he is because she doesn’t understand how he survived Richie’s attack. He also asks how he got inflated, to which Luffy replies in the name of the attack, much to Nami’s dismay.
Buggy and Cabaji get up after surviving an attack by a deflected Buggy Ball, using the other crew members as shields. Cabaji notes that their current situation is the greatest humiliation their crew has ever suffered under their flag. Mohji regains consciousness and gets upset with Cabaji for keeping Richie unconscious. Cabaji tells Mohji that he used Ritchie as a shield to keep his clothes from getting dirty. As Mohji goes to check on Ritchie, he notices that Luffy is present.
Mohji warns his captain that he should watch out for Luffy, explaining that Luffy ate the devil fruit just like Buggy and is made of rubber. Shocked, Nami turns to Luffy, who demonstrates his power by spreading his cheeks. Buggy realizes that Luffy was deflecting the Buggy Ball like this and loses his temper with Mohji for not telling him about Luffy’s powers earlier. Buggy throws Mohji at Luffy, who takes turns crashing him into a nearby wall, noting that the fight has begun.
Cabaji, now on his unicycle, attacks Luffy, but Zoro intercepts the attack. Zoro remarks that if anyone fights with swords, they will be his opponent, and Cabaji replies that it would be an honor as swordsmen to kill Zoro. Luffy notices that Zoro is struggling with his wound from his earlier encounter with Buggy and suggests that he should fight Cabaji while Zoro rests. Cabaji also notices the injury and starts attacking Zoro with his fire breathing trick, though Zoro dodges the attack. Cabaji takes the opportunity to kick the blow and Zoro falls to the ground in agony. Cabaji uses another trick to cause a dust storm to blind Zoro and strikes again. Zoro blocks the attack, but again Cabaji kicks him right in the wound and Zoro collapses in agony again.
Cabaji taunts Zoro, saying that it’s pathetic to see a grown man on the ground and that it was a mistake for Zoro to make an enemy of their crew. Nami decides that Zoro should never have started fighting and begs Luffy to intervene; however, Luffy does nothing. Cabaji goes for one last attack, but Zoro gets up and knocks him aside. Zoro asks if Cabaji enjoys punching his wound before cutting himself in the same spot again. He declares his goal to be the greatest swordsman in the world and asks Cabaji if these more injuries will satisfy him. Zoro then promises to show Cabaji the true difference in power levels between them, impressing Luffy.

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