One Piece Manga Chapter 21

One Piece Manga Chapter 21

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After defeating the Buggy Pirates, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami prepare to leave with Buggy’s treasure, but the villagers arrive and ask about the pirates. Seeing that their mayor was knocked down, they ask who did it and Luffy admits that it was him. While they are being chased out of the village, Chouchou helps them escape by holding the villagers back. The Mayor soon wakes up and after asking about Luffy and the others, runs after them to thank them as they sail away.
Having defeated Buggy, Luffy begins to leave the city with Zoro and Nami. Nami divides the loot into two bags: one for Luffy and one for herself. When the villagers arrive, they find Boodle unconscious and Luffy admits that he knocked him out. The villages then ask if they are pirates and Luffy cheerfully says yes, he pissed them off and made them chase. As the crew escapes, Luffy says that it must be a very good town since they were prepared to fight pirates to protect a single person, but also mentions that no matter what the villagers say, they won’t stop.
On the way, they run into Chouchou, who is protecting Luffy and the others. They believe that this is to pay off a debt owed to Luffy, who took revenge for destroying his owner’s shop because he refuses to let the villagers pass. Near the ship, they come across three members of Buggy’s crew, whom Nami had previously stolen the ship from and whom Zoro then beat up. Luffy, carrying a worn Zoro on his shoulders, is stopped by one of the pirates, who taps Zoro on the head, saying that he shouldn’t be a coward and should show his face. As Zoro raises his head and glares at them, the three pirates run away in fear.
Meanwhile, the mayor wakes up to find the townspeople around him. They tell him that they chased Luffy and the others out of town. When they curse at the pirates, they get angry that they are the only ones allowed to insult them. He rushes to the port to thank the crew.
As the ship leaves, Luffy says that he left his treasure bag back at the harbor to help them rebuild. Out of anger, Nami threatens to drown him in the sea and calls him an idiot.

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