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A local drunk escapes into the ocean before spotting a new bounty pile arriving. Looking at the wanted posters, he finds two he immediately recognizes: Luffy and Zoro, who had only been publicly humiliated this afternoon at the mention of them. Sky Island. However, when he sees how high Luffy’s reward is, he freaks out because it’s no longer Beli 30,000,000, but Beli100,000,000!
Meanwhile, with Nami’s warning of the Sky Island deadline ringing in his ears and memories of Cricket in his mind, Luffy rushes to Mock Town to retrieve Cricket’s gold.
In Mock Town, the Bellamy Pirates celebrate their find and also mock the Saruyam Alliance until a drunk barges in. When he sees Bellamy, he warns him that he must get out of town immediately before he is killed. When Bellamy asks who would dare threaten him, the drunk tells the entire bar of rewards. This is enough to strike them with horror as they both have bounties higher than Bellamy’s Beli 55,000,000.
However, this only makes Bellamy laugh. He then berates the entire bar because he believes the posters are fakes made to scare them. This causes the bar to calm down until Luffy’s enraged call shocks them again.
Bellamy goes outside to see who is calling until he sees Luffy on a building. When Luffy tells him that Bellamy is to return the stolen gold, Bellamy uses his Bane Bane powers to get to the roof as well. He tells him that since he stole the gold, it’s rightfully his, but Luffy tells him that he’s stealing it back.
Bellamy continues to taunt Luffy as the drunk grows more desperate, but Sarquiss tells him to stop it, and begins to doubt that even Luffy’s 30,000,000 reward to Beli was real. Bellamy wonders how Luffy is supposed to fight or if he will just stand around like their last meeting. When Luffy tells him that last time was different, Bellamy starts a brawl by using his powers to jump off a building and break the tower in two.
Bellamy lands on the next building and prepares his Spring Snipe to hit Luffy. He crashes into the top of the tower, causing Luffy to fall to the ground. As Luffy gets up, Bellamy uses his ultimate move, the Spring Hopper, which people say was the exact same move he used against Roshi.
As Bellamy continues to bounce around, he continues to taunt Luffy, as well as taunting all the dreamers. This enrages Luffy, who asks Bellamy if he asked Luffy if he knew how to punch while cracking his knuckles. As Bellamy closes in for the kill, Luffy punches him in the face with extreme force, knocking Bellamy to the floor and ending the battle with just one punch.

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