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In Mock Town, Luffy just defeated Bellamy with a single powerful punch. The onlookers are stunned to see the mighty Bellamy so easily taken out. As Bellamy lies unconscious with a punch to his face, Sarquiss tells him to get up and fight. However, Luffy just stands over Bellamy, who doesn’t move. Sarquiss yells again and tells Bellamy not to be stupid and put on the usual show. He says that he is a super rookie with a Beli55,000,000 bounty. Just then Sarquiss is hit in the face with a piece of paper which is then shown as Luffy’s bounty poster detailing his Beli 100,000,000 bounty. The man who told the Bellamy Pirates that Zoro i Luffy has higher bounties than Bellamy says he is right so everyone is afraid of Luffy. Luffy then asks for Cricket’s gold back. However, most of the pirates, seeing Luffy’s true power, run away and shout about Bellamy’s defeat.
Back at the Saruyama Alliance headquarters, the rest of the Straw Pirates work with the Saruyama Alliance to repair the Going Merry and prepare for the trip to Sky Island. Nami asks Zoro why he didn’t accompany Luffy, but Zoro simply asks why Nami is changing her mind about whether Zoro and Luffy should fight so much. He says that Zoro was defeated before, but Zoro simply replies that the Bellamy Pirates didn’t want to get in his way and that the fight you’ll regret afterwards is painful. The crew then start arguing and go back to work on the ship.
Back in Mock Town, having found the stolen gold, Luffy walks out of the bar. Thinking that Luffy just got lucky, Sarquiss challenges Luffy, saying that he wouldn’t lose to a dream-chasing idiot. He asks Luffy where he’s going, but when Luffy turns, Sarquiss falls to the ground in fear. However, Luffy simply points and says “sky”, indicating that he is going to Sky Island.
The day before, at noon, on an unknown island, Buggy and his crew are in a cave looking for a treasure left behind by a legendary pirate. Mohji asks Buggy if they are in the right place and Buggy says they are. He adds that wherever there is treasure, there must be its guards and traps. He says they must be prepared to lose their lives when a light suddenly comes on to reveal several miners walking through the tunnel. Buggy, Mohji and Cabaji start bouncing the rock and say that sweating is such a pleasure. However, when the miners’ boss says that the rum will taste good when they’re done, Buggy flies into a fit of rage and asks what kind of sweat he wants them to sweat.
Back aboard their ship, Mohji tells Buggy that they can’t find the treasure, and Cabaji tells Mohji that Buggy must have mistaken the island for another. Cabaji says that Buggy must be angry and doesn’t want his face to turn red, making Buggy furious again. Mohji says that two of the Straw Hats have bounties of Beli 100,000,000 and Beli 60,000,000 and are already famous pirates on the Grand Line. Buggy says there’s nothing to worry about and says the witches will fatten the babies before they eat them. Mohji then realizes that the higher Luffy’s reward, the higher Buggy’s reward will be if he defeats him. To celebrate their captain’s intelligence, the crew decides to party late into the night, but Alvida tells the crew not to be so loud, saying that if they can’t take care of Luffy if they don’t know where he is. Buggy tells her not to worry, and when the stranger says he can provide information, Buggy turns to him. Buggy then realizes he doesn’t know who he is and asks his name. A character who is revealed to be Portgas D. Ace says he was attracted to a strong scent, sorry for interrupting the party. Buggy asks him who he is and that he doesn’t care about his over-inflated ego, but some of his crew then tell him that Ace is the infamous “Ace of the Fire Fist”, the commander of Whitebeard’s Second Division. Ace is happy to hear that they know about Whitebeard, but then suddenly falls asleep, surprising the crew. Mohji encourages Buggy to attack Ace, saying that if he does, they will become famous, but Buggy is against the idea, saying that they cannot fight Whitebeard’s men. Buggy says that Whitebeard is the only one to draw against Gold Roger and is the strongest man in the world and the closest to One Piece. Buggy says that Whitebeard hates hurting his friends, and when Alvida comments that Buggy knows him well, Buggy says that when he first entered the Grand Line, he met him from the front. Ace then wakes up and says it’s great that Buggy knows Whitebeard personally. Ace asks if it’s a party and Buggy, seeing a rare opportunity, throws a big party. Ace then has Richie jump through the ring of fire.
In Mary Geoise’s Holy Land, Shanks is revealed to have sent a messenger to Whitebeard, causing tension in the World Government. The Five Elders discuss the issue of Shanks, saying that he is not one to change the world by himself, and that they need to find a successor to Crocodile’s position in the Seven Sea Warriors to maintain the balance of power. Marine reports that they have summoned the Seven Warriors for this matter, but they are not sure how many will come, as one of the Five Elders says that even Luffy cannot be forgiven for defeating the Crocodile. Marine HQ then alerted Mary Geoise that two of the Seven Sea Warriors, Bartholomew Kuma and Donquijote Doflamingo, had arrived.

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