Read One Piece Manga Chapter 238


Nami berates the Monster Trio (Luffy, Sanji and Zoro) for being useless. Chopper thanks Gan Fall for his help, but Gan Fall says it’s his duty. Luffy says he can’t move normally and Robin says it’s because of the lack of oxygen present in the place. Gan Fall asks the Straw Hats if they are citizens of the Blue Sea and explains that the average citizen of the Blue Sea cannot stand here. He informs the Straw Hats that the White Sea is full of many dangers and he would only help them if they paid him an Esymbol of 5,000,000 for each whistle call they made. He also says that the Knock Up Stream wasn’t the only way to come, making Nami cry at the difficulties she was having. He asks the Straw Hats if they have lost any crew members and says that they are very brave to come here by such a dangerous method to earn his respect. He leaves the stage after whistling for the Straw Hats to be called.
Robin notes that they haven’t found any information regarding Sky Island. The crew then come upon a waterfall, then float towards it until they realize it is blocked by a large cloud. Luffy decides to explore the cloud bank. Luffy discovers that she is bouncy, saying that she is as soft as cotton, which makes Nami wonder about the phenomenon. He notices a huge door on the other side and the Straw Hats check it out. They come across a door named Heaven’s Gate, in which an old lady who calls herself the “Gate Keeper” appears and asks them to pay a fee to gain access to the island, even though she says she isn’t. obligation to pay money. After the Straw Hats refuse to pay the fee, the sea speeders take the Going Merry to the island. Meanwhile, the gatekeeper reports to the “god” and his priests about the seven pirate intruders

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