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Pagaya allows Luffy to ride his Swoosh, which Luffy stands on and finds an accelerator for it. It takes off at a high speed that Luffy can’t control and due to lack of control it flips over and lands in a sea of ​​clouds. Sanji and Zoro believe that Luffy’s devil fruit weakness will not affect him because the sea of ​​clouds looks different than the normal sea, but they are quickly proven wrong as Luffy begins to sink into the sea. Once Zoro rescues Luffy, Sanji and Zoro start arguing while Pagaya explains that it takes years of practice to ride a wave well. However, Nami begins to ride a wave train and can easily control it despite having never ridden one before and continues to ride while the other rides to Pagaya’s house.
As the others walk up the long staircase, Pagaya asks Zoro if they went through the milky way to get here and begins to explain that it’s actually an artificial channel in the clouds. He further explains the two natural types of clouds: sea clouds and island clouds (which can be compared to land and sea), as well as the reason for the abnormality, which is caused by a substance called pyrobloine from the mineral, sea stone. He continues his explanation, the two types of clouds are made of pyrobloin, which is ejected from volcanoes and seals with water in the air. He also says that the milky way is made by a factory of cutting and modifying matter molecules.
They all make it to the top of the stairs just like Pagaya’s house. Inside the house, Robin asks what the dials are and also discovers that there are several dials for everyday tasks and appliances that are able to power the wave, which Conis explains how the wind dial works to power the wave. Luffy wants to stagger when he hears this. Usopp replies that they already have one, but it’s 200 years old and probably can’t work anymore. However, Conis informs them that as long as the dial housing is intact, the squiggle can still work. In the kitchen, Sanji finishes cooking and brings it out for everyone to eat; however, he notices that he doesn’t see Nami anywhere outside. Luffy says not to worry about it, though Conis and Pagaya are nervous about where he is. He then explains that there is an area that no one should ever go to that is near an island called the Holy Island where God lives, but Nami seems to have reached the island.

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