One Piece Manga Chapter 25

One Piece Manga Chapter 25

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Kaya convinces Usopp to leave before they attack Klahadore, and Luffy and the others leave soon after. Depressed by what has happened, Kaya refuses to eat or speak, prompting Klahadore to explain his motivations for protecting Kaya in an attempt to cheer her up. Zoro and Nami lose Luffy and Tamanegi tells them about a strange man who walks backwards. A strange man appears and turns out to be a hypnotist; but his attempt to prove it results in both the Usopp pirates and himself being put to sleep. At the cliff, Luffy catches up with Usopp and talks about Usopp’s father, Yasopp. Their memories are interrupted when Luffy spots Klahadore and the hypnotist down on the beach discussing their plan to assassinate Kaya.
Klahadore continues to insult Usopp despite being knocked to the ground, insisting that although he is not a pirate, his father’s blood still forces him to resort to violence when insulted. The butler asks Usopp if it’s just Kaya’s money, but before he can get another hit, Kaya begs Usopp to stop. As Usopp lets the butler go, Klahadore warns him to never return to the mansion, and Usopp angrily agrees. The pirates Usopp and Luffy insult Usopp for giving up so easily; when they are told to leave, the four try to go after the butler, but Zoro and Nami hold them back.
In the castle. Kaya refuses to eat her food and pathetically explains that she doesn’t want it. Her butler insists that she eat so as not to disappoint the chef. Kaya tells him that he shouldn’t have insulted Usopp, and Klahadore explains that she should trust him since he worked for her for three years after he lost his job on the ship he was working for. He explains that he could not bear the burden of the failure of his former employer, Kaya’s father, who had saved his life.
Near the village, Nami, Zoro, Ninjin and Piiman are sitting on a fence and Nami is wondering where Luffy got to. As Zoro explains that he went looking for Usopp, the members of Usopp’s Pirates explain that Usopp will be on the coast. Tamanegi is missing, but Ninjin and Piiman tell them that he always leaves and comes back overreacting to something. Immediately after, Tamanegi runs towards them and yells at the man walking backwards, only to be accused of lying by the others. Shortly after, the hypnotist Jango appears, walking backwards. Jango is asked to show the three children his hypnotizing tricks, but when he does, both he and the Usopp pirates fall asleep.
On the coast, Usopp sits alone on a cliff, looking out to sea. Luffy suddenly appears in front of him, hanging upside down from the tree that Usopp is sitting under. Luffy asks him if his father’s name was Yasopp, which surprises Usopp before asking him how he knew that. Luffy explains how he met him when he was young in Foosha Village. Yasopp was his favorite member of the Red Hair Pirates and Luffy is sure that he is still with Shanks even now. Usopp can’t believe his father is with Shanks.
In a flashback to Luffy’s youth when he met Shanks and his crew, Yasopp demonstrates his sharpshooting skills to Luffy by shooting an apple from a barrel. Later at a local bar, Yasopp starts telling Luffy about his son at his age. When Luffy has heard enough and is getting bored, Yasopp puts a glass on his head and taps it. Yasopp stands up and calls out to the other that the Jolly Roger has summoned him to piracy, with the rest of the crew responding by throwing their hands in the air in agreement.
Back in the present. Usopp explains that he is proud of his father and would like to return to the mansion, despite his pride, if the butler apologizes. Luffy notices that Klahadore is on the beach below them with another man, Jango. Jango confirms to the butler that the plan to murder the owner of the mansion is ready.

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