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Nami thanks God once she discovers that the Sky Island they worked so hard to reach is actually the City of Gold, thinking that it must be God’s reward for her “well-behaved and disciplined self”. When someone asks if she was afraid of “God” on the Island, she replies “Who cares about God!? It’s worth more money than gold!?”. Robin notes that she was thanking God earlier, and Zoro says that he doesn’t know what she’s trying to say.
The Shandia continue their invasion of the Upper Yard, attacking anything in their path. Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp drive along the milky way and notice human skulls on the plain. Luffy notes that they are indeed human skulls and notices something approaching. Usopp freaks out and it looks like Shandia is going to attack the group. Wyper fires a cannonball at them. Luffy jumps and uses Gomu Gomu no Fusen to deflect it. One of the Shandia asks Wyper if they should engage them, to which the other says they should ignore them. Sanji notices that one of them is the Masked Raider they met in the White Sea. Wyper then says that it’s the citizens of the Blue Sea who caused the commotion on Skypiea, and that if they don’t want to die, they should go back to the Blue Sea, and warns them not to try to do anything weird. on the Island, otherwise he will treat them like Enel and dispose of them as well. Luffy then asks for a fight, Usopp tells him not to say anything more and Sanji questions if Shandia and God are really enemies. Wyper notes that they will have to be strong to leave the island alive. Luffy wonders what their problem is and then the group continues to ride.
Back in Karasumaru, the group enjoys a ride along the Milky Way, wondering if it will be this peaceful until the altar. As the sun sets, Shandia and the priests continue their fight.
The other crew members return to the Going Merry and notice that the mast is missing. They then call for Chopper. The latter tells them that nothing really bad happened, and the former ask him to tell them what happened. Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji then reunite with the others. Chopper tells Usopp what happened to the mast and then the crew heads out to check out Gan Fall. Sanji remarks that with the current state of the ship and the darkening sky, they must camp there for the night. Each Straw Hat Pirates then reports on the situation and tells the crew the information they have each gathered while Sanji and Chopper take care of Gan Fall. Luffy then says that they will “go and find the gold”.

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