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Aboard the Going Merry, Gan Fall reveals that he introduced himself to the Straw Hats as the mercenary serum they first met, as the blue sea dwellers have no knowledge of fighting in the sky. When the crew asks him for an explanation, the knight prepares a demonstration. Sanji is given a large hammer and told to try his best to break the small shell that was placed on the barrel in front of him. Usopp warns Sanji to do it gently, saying that the cooks won’t forgive if they damage the ship. Gan Fall tells him to do the exact opposite, which infuriates Usopp and yells at the knight not to say such things just because the Merry isn’t his ship. With that, Sanji gives the punch his all, though to everyone’s surprise, neither the barrel nor the grenade are affected in the slightest. Nami is visibly taken aback by this, while Usopp admonishes Sanji for his pathetic display of strength. However, the shell slowly releases fumes, leading Sanji to wonder if it somehow mysteriously absorbed the impact. Gan Fall then instructs Sanji to hold the open side of the shell towards the barrel and squeeze the top. He unleashes a devastating force, obliterating the barrel completely and blowing Sanji back. As the crew recovers from the explosion (Usopp jumped off the ship’s deck), Gan Fall explains that what they just witnessed was the force of the impact dial. Stores energy from impacts to be released later. He adds that people tend to fix them on the palm with a glove or bandage. This causes Sanji and Usopp to reflect on their fight with Satori and are now able to understand his abilities. As Sanji comically slaps the old man for not telling him about the impact, Gan Fall reveals that the legends tell of even more powerful wheels in the island’s history. One of them is the knockout disc, which has ten times the power of the impact disc. However, this power boost can cost the user their life, so they were all but eliminated. Nami expresses that dials were explained to them as everyday tools and not weapons, but Gan Fall counters that any tool that can benefit a person can also harm them. For example, he points out that a heat disc used for cooking can be equipped on a spear to become a fire spear (Shura’s heat spear is shown as an example). In the same vein, a flame dial can be placed in the bird’s mouth to create a fire-breathing bird (Fuza is shown as an example). He concludes that because of this, the inhabitants of the blue sea, who have absolutely no knowledge of dials and artificial clouds, have no chance against the well-versed fighters in the sky. On that note, Sanji decides to ask Gan Fall about the “Mantra” ability they also encountered against Satori. Gan Fall states that since he doesn’t have this ability himself, it’s a little hard to explain, but it’s basically enhanced perception. He further says that every person’s body has a “voice” and by listening to it one can predict a person’s next movement. The range of this ability can be increased with training: priests are able to “hear” everything in the Upper Yard, while Enel’s reach extends to the entire country. However, he does not understand the logic of how Enel can do this.
At God’s Sanctuary, Enel announces that Shura has been defeated. Laughing, he adds that he underestimated his opponent. The advisors are confused by his optimism as two Priests who are undefeated in six years have fallen in two days. Enel laughs at this as well, adding an insulting joke that “God” wasn’t on their side. Elsewhere in the Upper Yard, Yama prepares his God Army enforcers to deal with the Shandia and Straw Hats attack. All enforcers look like goats. On the outskirts of the Shandia village, Raki places the spilled vearth back into Aisin’s bag as she remembers Wyper and Kamakiri’s words from earlier that she will defeat Enel regardless of her fallen. In the forest itself, Kamakiri berates Wyper for using the Reject Dial, saying that he will die if he uses it again. Wyper responds by firing a bazooka in Kamakiri’s direction, asking how he will ever defeat his enemy if they don’t make sacrifices. After the explosion, Wyper goes off on his own, as Kamakiri considers him a fool for his actions. However, Braham decides that they should really split up, as they are left with two priests and do not want the further humiliation of being imprisoned together again. They all decide to separate, with Genbo suggesting they meet again at God’s Shrine.
As the Shandia now split up and went in different directions, one of them heard a goat near him. Before he knows it, he is ambushed and incapacitated by an enforcer from God’s army. Another Shandia notices and confronts one of the enforcers, asking what he did. He states that Enel has ordered them to clean up the mess in the Upper Yard, and the axes they carry cannot be found anywhere else in Skypiea. Shandia tries to shoot him, but he dodges. He raises his shield in defense but proves no match for the dial’s power as it is also sliced ​​open.
In another part of the forest, Luffy casually sings and walks until he believes he hears a goat. He is excited that there will be a goat in the forest and decides to continue walking. One of the God Army enforcers then emerges from a tree behind him and attempts an ambush, but Luffy punches him so hard that he bounces off several trees and lands on his head. Luffy is frustrated that it wasn’t really a goat, but continues to walk and sing. He stops again when he notices something, but this time it’s Wyper. The two exchange cold looks and Wyper asks Luffy what he’s doing here.

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