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Usopp is in a terrible panic at Sanji’s condition and curses Enel for killing him. He cries that Chopper isn’t there and he can’t feel a heartbeat. Nami begs him to calm down as his hand is on the right side of Sanji’s chest and his heart is on the left side. Usopp’s face breaks down comically as he realizes his mistake, and he is happy when he finally hears a heartbeat. However, Nami reminds him that he is still badly injured and could die, causing Usopp to panic again as Gan Fall watches their antics wordlessly. Enel has heard enough of Usopp’s raging emotions and takes out the sniper with a single touch of the forehead. His body falls to the ground, smoking like it was burned to a crisp, just like Sanji. Nami gasped and Gan Fall became angry at Enel’s actions as he warned Nami to keep quiet if she didn’t want to end up like him. He screams in horror in agreement, wondering who he is and what he did to Usopp and Sanji. Gan Fall angrily asks Enel what he is up to. Enel replies that Gana Fall’s followers have been working for him for 6 years and are almost done. In other words, soon he will no longer have a reason to be on this island and says he simply came to say goodbye. Enel notes that this should make his people happy since they value vearth so much. Gan Fall asks him to elaborate and Enel replies that the reason he came to Skypiea was the same reason as the Straw Hats and why Shandia is trying to reclaim their land. They are all after the same thing: the legendary “Golden City”, the lost city of Shandora. Gan Fall asks about the gold and Enel replies that he always cracks him up about how clueless people in Skypiea are about gold. He concluded that the winner of the survival game would become the rightful owner of the gold, and as a participant in the game, he himself must go. Gan Fall tries to ask him about his plans for God’s army before he leaves, but he replies that there is something only “God” can know and disappears in a flash. Just as Enel leaves, Nami and Gan Fall receive two new visitors aboard the Going Merry.
In the forests of Upper Yard, the battle between Luffy and Wyper began. Luffy returns to his usual size (from Gomu Gomu no Fusen) after deflecting another blast from Wyper’s bazooka. Luffy tells him to stop because it’s pointless, and Wyper agrees that it’s time to change strategy. Wyper loaded the breath dial into his bazooka and fired a stream of compressed air at Luffy. When Luffy comments on the smell, Wyper informs him that it was gas coming from the breath dial and introduces a new variant of his weapon, the flaming bazooka. He explains that it sends out white flames to crush his enemies, and it fires a blast so powerful that it blows a huge hole in the tree behind Luffy. He barely manages to get out of the way and is incredibly shocked by the force of the explosion. When Luffy woke up, Wyper disappeared but returned with a kick to the side of Luffy’s head. Luffy caught his fall by placing his hand on the ground and used the momentum to spin into Gomu Gomu no Pistol. Wyper manages to escape and puts distance between himself and Luffy by kicking away his outstretched fist. He prepares another bazooka blast, but Luffy jumps out of the tree below before he gets the chance. Luffy tries to kick him with a Gomu Gomu no Stamp, but Wyper blocks Luffy’s leg with his own (jet ski). Luffy tries Stamp a few more times and Wyper blocks in exactly the same way. Wyper fires another shot from the burning bazooka and Luffy is tossed away. He grabs a nearby tree branch and swings back at Shandia, saying that he will not lose in the “bazooka” contest. He prepares the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, and as he closes in on the Wyper, prepares another shot. Both techniques hit their targets at the same time, sending both Luffy and Wyper back. They both hit a tree hard and take a surprisingly large amount of damage. That doesn’t deter either of them from preparing to get back on their feet as they both seem to want to keep going.

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