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In the Going Merry, Nami tests her upgraded waveguide after Pagaya’s repairs as they both admire its new speed. Pagaya mentions that a specific type of Jet Dial on the bellows has been extinct for centuries, and was very surprised to find one. The group decides on their next course of action and finally decides to regroup on the beach. Nami expresses her confidence in a four-member team of Chopper, Robin, Luffy, and Zoro, but Aisa blurts out that no such group currently exists. Nami deduces that Aisa must also have the “Mantra” ability, which Aisa confirms. He goes on to say that he has had this ability since birth and that others would not understand how terrifying it is to hear so many “voices” disappear. Nami reprimands her by calling her a crybaby, infuriating the little girl. Conis interrupts them by mentioning that Ais’s swoosh was broken and when they found her, she was attacked by skyfish. Nami asks Aisa what she was planning to do when she came to them, and the kid doesn’t have an answer. She was just worried about her friends, causing Nami to show some concern.
Elsewhere in the forest, Luffy wonders if everyone is safe as he walks through the strange ruins. He is frustrated that he left his backpack containing his coveted lunch. Plus, he’s lost and can’t seem to find his way out. He wonders if the crew has made it to the Golden City yet and expresses his excitement to see him as he continues to find a way out of what he believes to be a strange cave. In another part of the forest, Zoro yells at a gigantic South African bird to stop following him. She tries to tell him that he’s finished and he wouldn’t share it even if he still had it. The bird doesn’t seem to move, which angers Zoro to the point where he asks if he wants to fight.
In yet another area of ​​the Upper Yard, the Shandia warrior is shocked to notice Enel’s presence. He decides to attack Enel, but Enel appears behind him in no time. Before he can react, Enel incapacitates him, reducing the total number of survivors to twenty-four.
Still locked in an intense battle with Commander Yama, Nico Robin does everything in her power to get away from the ancient ruins while Yama destroys everything in his path. He eventually catches up to her in a clearing and is mildly surprised to see that she is no longer trying to run away. She tells him it’s not necessary at this point and explains that even if he apologizes now for all the destruction he’s caused, she won’t forgive him. Yama is amused by this and retorts that she is protecting ruins that aren’t even hers. She agrees that the ruins don’t really belong to anyone, but declares that she’s done talking to the commander. Yama replies that it doesn’t matter anymore as he plans to crush her and blow her up. Robin is not impressed and tells him that he will teach him the cruelty of destroying history. He shoots out “Treinta Fleurs” from a nearby vine and catches Yama in the air with his hands. She slammed him face first into a nearby tree, but grimaced slightly at the weight she was swinging with him. Having now spilled some blood, Yama becomes deeply angry and takes off his ax belt to prepare an offensive attack. He starts to roll towards Robin, but she covers his eyes with her arms and turns his dial belt to face his own body. He ends up rolling with tremendous force into a large tree behind Robin, now badly injured by the impact of the dials. Robin lifts his head from the ground and chastises him about the importance of the ruins, saying that although history is constantly being made, one cannot go back in time. Yama is able to voice that he understands and asks for forgiveness, which Robin denies. This angers Yama again and he tries to grab Robin, but she uses her sprouting arms to break Yama’s fingers and cause him severe pain. She then summons more weapons with “Cien Fleurs” throughout the forest floor, which start rolling him towards a nearby cliff. He pleads with Robin to stop all the way until he finally knocks him off a cliff into the forest below. As he falls, Robin reiterates that it’s too late for an apology, and shoots another arm at Yama’s person, breaking his “Clutch” spine before hitting the ground. Robin gathers his things and continues forward.

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