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Robin has reached the ruins and appears to be in a place marked as the center of the city of Shandora. He notes that the locations of the buildings do not match the map and attributes this to the influence of the force that caused the island to be sent up into the sky. Robin continues to explore the ruins, making observations and notes. Investigating, Robin questions if her current location was the City of Gold, since area and displacement don’t add up.
Chopper also makes it to the ruins and is very excited, saying that the crew would be very happy with him when they see that he found the gold. Moving further up, Chopper also realizes that there are ruins and that the ground is tilted. Just as Chopper sets out on his journey to find the gold, he hears a voice. Chopper turns to find a giant dog behind him. He is very scared and curses himself that he is too confident and that he should have gone to find the other members and he will die because of it. A man is shown telling Chopper that he is the third person to take his place. He comments on Chopper defeating Gedatsu, implying that Gedatsu was too careless, hence his defeat.
Chopper tries to back away but trips over a person who is lying on the ground covered in blood. She thinks it was Holy who did this to the person and screams in fear. The man tells Chopper not to worry about Holy because the dog wouldn’t bite unless there’s a reason to because it’s well trained. He tells Chopper that he cut the person lying on the ground. Chopper asks who the man is in fear and Ohm introduces himself. He then tells Chopper to be quiet as he laments that mortals are weak but fight only to be defeated. He says that there is salvation, and the way to it leads to the death of men. He asks Chopper what his reason for being there is, to which Chopper replies that he wants the gold. Ohm then offers to “save” Chopper, but Chopper refuses.
Kamakiri tells Rakim to go to Wyper and inform him that Enel is not in the God’s Sanctuary and that it is not too late to back down because no one can defeat Enel. Raki left to inform Wyper and acknowledges that if Kamakiri could be defeated, then Lightning Devil Fruit must be one of the strongest classes, saying Enel is stronger than they assumed.
Zoro is seen back at the sacrificial altar and relates it to being deja vu. The giant Southbird is still with him and Zoro is furious that the bird is still following him. He tells the bird that he would still get hurt while following him and dropping his backpack. The bird looks at the bag, imagines food, and grabs the bag. Zoro yells at the bird saying there is no food in the bag and hangs on the straps as the bird flies off with the bag and Zoro.
Luffy arrives at a dead end in a “cave” and thinks it’s a secret door. He considers tearing it apart to get out. Luffy then uses Gomu Gomu No Bazooka to break it, but nothing happens. At that moment, there was a rumbling of movement in the “cave” that threw Luffy off balance. Chopper is seen running away from Ohm and commenting on the escape to find the other members. He recognizes that Ohm is a swordsman and thought he would keep his distance. Ohm then attacks Chopper through the wall and defeats him, saying that the Ordeal of Iron has a 0% survivability rate.

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