Read One Piece Manga Chapter 267


Aisa decides to go to the Upper Yard alone, only to be stopped by Nami. Nami tells Aise that she can’t stand by and watch a child be killed. Aisa replies that she is a warrior and Nami acknowledged that she is a warrior. Conis and Pagaya ask if they are okay, to which Nami says yes. Aisa is still trying to get off of Nami and Nami tells her to settle down as two crew members have already been injured. Just like then, a giant python appeared.
Luffy keeps beating up on Nola from the inside, causing her to do all sorts of weird things. The first thing he does is scare Nami and Aisa. Frustrated at not reaching the exit, Luffy keeps beating Nola from the inside. He further wreaks havoc on Shandia and the Bilkans. The snake, still acting wild because it was hit inside, attempts to swallow Zoro, who is still being held by the giant Southbird. Seeing this, Zoro yelled at the bird to fly higher and faster or they would both be eaten. The bird thinks the snake is after Zoro for food, so the bird releases Zoro.
Wyper has reached Giant Jack, indicating that Enel is on top and it’s time to end 400 years of hardship. Ohm senses Wyper coming and stops him for not giving Wyper permission to go to God’s shrine. At that moment, Gan Fall appears and tells Wyper that going up to the God Sanctuary is not necessary. Gan Fall tells Wyper that the shrine is in ruins and Enel is missing from there, and goes on to ask Ohm what their (referring to Enel and the priest) purpose is; just then Zoro comes in, crash landing. Gan Fall and Wyper recognize Zoro and Zoro asks himself if he was in the ruins.
The chapter ends with all the opposing sides pitted against each other and Luffy accidentally forces Nola into the fight as well.

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