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Caught between Wyper, Ohm, and the giant snake, Roronoa Zoro prepares to fight when he notices the snake following him to his current location. As the snake writhes in pain at the unseen culprit, Ohm directs his colossal dog Holy to attack. Gan Fall and Pierre are also present and immediately focus on Priest Ohm. Lest we forget, Wyper fires his Burn Bazooka without a specific target. Snake recognizes Zoro and rushes after him when he gets to safety near Wyper. Zoro praises the bazooka, and Wyper replies that he won’t let the blue sea people take this land. He blocks a blow from Zoro with the Jet Dial on his leg and prepares to fire another shot directly at the swordsman. The two are interrupted by another strike from the giant snake, which reminds Zoro of the acid poison he witnessed earlier. He lands, only to notice Ohm and Holy right behind him, and to his shock, the giant dog punches him. He barely manages to escape as Ohm explains that he is not only a breeder, but has trained Holy in martial arts as well as walking on two legs. Ohm subsequently blocks a strike from Gan Fall’s spear and chastises the warrior for his earlier defeat at the hands of Shura. Gan Fall responds with his intention to learn of Enel’s true plans and that he will not leave until he finds out.
In a separate location, Nico Robin made it to a new area of ​​ancient ruins. Thinking it was strange that the ruins of the blue sea would have a ground made of clouds, she correctly guessed that there was an invisible surface beneath. She continues her quest after literally having to cut through the clouds with a knife.
Back at the Upper Yard, Zoro continues to dodge the snake’s attacks until he notices Chopper’s unconscious body. As he rushes after his crewmate, Ohm warns him to be careful. Barbed wire screeches like a string from a nearby wall, slashing Zoro through the chest as he makes his way to Chopper. As Zoro wonders what just happened, Ohm explains that he was beheaded by Iron Cloud. He further reveals that this particular type of cloud comes from the Cloud Dials and that the entire area is littered with these types of traps. As he explains that Chopper’s body was specially planted as a trap for blue sea dwellers like himself, Zoro tries to get some signs of life from his comrade. Ohm asks if he is looking for revenge now. Zoro replies that he doesn’t like to fight for reasons like that, but admits that he’s pretty fired up right now.
In Robin’s area of ​​ruins, he continues to travel through old structures and forestry until he notices a light at the end of the tunnel ahead. Intrigued by this new development, she picks up the pace.
When Nami and Aisa finally reach the giant beanstalk, they are greeted by several God Army enforcers who refuse to let them pass. He asks Aisa where exactly they are supposed to go.
Robin sits up and takes in the full impact of what she just discovered. After 800 years, she is shocked that the Golden City of Shandora is still so majestic.

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