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Along the northwest coast of the Upper Yard, Conis and Pagaya contemplate how to defend the Going Merry while they wait at the rendezvous point previously determined by Nami. In the end, they decide to honk from their dial to ward off any potential threats. Conis tends to the still-injured Sanji and Usopp, while Pagaya quietly hopes for everyone’s safety in light of the dangerous events that have befallen Sky Island. Throughout the forest, the ground is littered with all the Shandia and Enforcers of God’s Army that fell during the survival game as they continue to war with each other. As the Shandia continue to push to get to the Giant Beanstalk, the Enforcers desperately regroup to repel them. Enel himself is enjoying the chaos and is pleased that his survival game prediction is about to come true.
On the beanstalk itself, a battle rages between Gan Fall, Zoro, Ohm, Wyper and Giant Snake. Wyper lands a direct hit on the snake with his Burn Bazooka, but is shocked that it was no use. The blow still causes quite a stir in the snake, knocking Luffy down and making him wonder what’s going on. Zoro grimaces in pain from the hit he took as he gets to his feet. Ohm chides him for being a blue sea dweller who knows nothing, and explains that his blade is actually the result of an iron cloud dial built into the sword’s hilt. It allows the blade to track its target anywhere, which it then demonstrates by extending to Zoro from several meters away. Zoro blocks the attack with ease, commenting on the whip-like nature of the sword and how the White Cloud Sea warriors are like a bunch of circus performers.
Ohm sensed the new arrivals on the battlefield and told Holy that they would now split up. As predicted, both Shandia and God’s Army Enforcers would soon join them on the battlefield. The Shandia inform Wyper that they are the only ones left and reaffirm their determination to help Wyper get to Enel. Inside the snake, Luffy decides to try to dig his way out and starts clawing at the walls. He actually tickles the snake and the audience is extremely confused to see the snake laughing hysterically. Just then, Nami and Aisa also burst through the clouds below as they continue to ride the beanstalk. The Enforcers attempt to pursue them, but are repulsed by the combined efforts of Zoro, Wyper, and Gan Fall. Zoro and Wyper ask Nami and Aisa what they are doing here. As Nami asks Zoro where the others are, Wyper prepares a shot at Nami and wonders what he plans to do with Aisa. When he fires, Gan Fall manages to get Nami and Aisa to safety aboard the Pierre. This is short-lived, however, as the snake swallows all four of them in one bite, much to Zoro’s horror. As Zoro and Wyper try to process what just happened, Ohm and Holy hit them both with a devastating surprise attack that seemingly knocks them out of the game.

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