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The entire upper level of the ruins collapses due to Enel’s power and Zoro grabs Chopper’s unconscious body as he and Giant Snake fall to the base of the beanstalk.
Inside the snake, Aisa grabs onto Luffy, who grabs Nami’s wave as he prepares to fly out of the snake’s mouth. Aisa tries to point out that Luffy is right behind the exhaust pipe, but the warning goes unheeded. Luffy and Aisa are blasted from the wave as he charges forward. Gan Fall notices that they are behind, but he, Pierre, and Nami emerge completely from the snake’s mouth before they can turn and grab them. Gan Fall sends Pierre back to save them while he and Nami quickly descend into the ruins below.
In the ruins, Robin notices falling debris and eventually Zoro. Zoro rises from the wreckage still holding Chopper’s body, but very irritated by his near-death experience. Robin comments that a normal person would die, and Zoro questions their location as he finally notices her presence. They inform him that they have found their intended target, the City of Gold, but there is no more gold. The snake lands in another area, initially with its head poking through the clouds below. When he raises his head and notices his surroundings, he begins to act strangely.
Aisa starts beating Luffy, irritated that they were the only ones left where they started. Luffy again suggests trying to leave the snake’s anus, only to be denied by the young Shandia. In the midst of their antics, the two notice that Pierre has returned for them.
At the landing site, Nami and Gan Fall Nami wonders where exactly they are. Gan Fall urges her to have faith in Pierre getting Luffy and Aisa out safely, adding that he has never been in their current location. At Wyper’s landing site, he stands in awe of the land of his ancestors. Nami notices the snake’s erratic behavior and tries to inform Gan Fallo, but he is lost in thought, wondering where exactly they might be. The snake actually sheds a tear and lets out a costly roar to Nami’s confusion. However, the noise bothers Enel and he proceeds to violently electrocute the snake. Wyper and Zoro react in horror at what could have happened to Aise and Nami, but this is short lived as Nami notices Zoro and Robin. Zoro reacts angrily to her running away while Robin wonders why she’s here. Nami reminds them more importantly that Luffy is still inside the snake, but this makes Zoro even more angry. Wyper contemplates Enel’s power as he realizes that he was unable to do what Enel did with a single hit, a few shots from his flaming bazooka. Enel appears behind him and asks about Aisa, to which Wyper responds with a bazooka blast. Enel dodges and uses the dial to create an Orb Cloud to float on. He chides Wyper for the missed attack, saying that this is no way to return the favor and get him to his homeland. He goes on to announce that the game isn’t quite over yet, much to Wyper’s confusion, and explains that he and everyone else who arrived are all contestants. As he explains, Zoro, Wyper, Robin, and Gan Fall arrive to confront him while Nami hides behind a wall. He is relieved that he is not counted among the survivors, until he reveals that there is one more person left, with three minutes left. He asks who the remaining one will be eliminated and they discuss it among themselves, including Nami. When she realizes this and tries to join the discussion as well, she is shocked when the four of them decide together that Enel will be the one to be removed.

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